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Lost Super Bowl Ring Reunited With Chiefs Player

September 24, 2016

Jim Kearney, lost his championship ring at a car wash and gets it back:

Kansas City Chief Super Bowl IV ring

Jim Kearney was devastated when he lost his championship ring at his local Kansas City car wash on Thursday.

Thanks to a good samaritan, and local KMBC 9 News who broadcast the story about the missing championship ring, Kearney has his super bowl ring back in hand.

The News station was contacted by a viewer who found the large championship ring.

That person got to meet Kearney yesterday at a local police station to personally return the Super Bowl IV ring.

“With all the situations happening in the world, to have a small gesture be handed to you like this, it truly is a blessing because there are some good people in the world today. I thank him, his family, I’m just elated to get the ring back,” Kearney said.

Kearney who had publicly offered a reward for the return of his super bowl ring thanked the man who found it by taking him and his wife to dinner.

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Former Chiefs Player Loses Super Bowl Ring at Local Car Wash

September 23, 2016

Jim Kearney was safety on Chiefs’ winning Super Bowl team:

Jim Kearney lost his super bowl IV ring

Jim Kearney was a starting safety on the Chiefs winning Super Bowl team and proudly wore his Super Bowl IV ring for the last 46 years.

Kearney lost the championship ring on Thursday at a Kansas City area car wash located at 60th Street and Troost Avenue.

“I got back home, that’s when I looked at my hand — no super bowl ring. So I immediately went into a panic mode. It’s this helpless feeling,” Kearney said.

Kearney had a bout with poison ivy rash on his hands, so he was wearing his championship ring on his pinkie instead of his ring finger. This would explain how the Super Bowl ring could easily come off, especially with wet hands and fingers.

“I hope somebody out here in KC has a got a heart and knows how much it means to me and then return it,” Kearney said.

Kearney has filed a police report, and will provide a reward if the Super Bowl ring is returned.

As a buyer of championship rings, I can attest that acquiring a lost or stolen ring is never a good thing as the original championship ring owner, with a filed police report, will always have proper title to their ring.

Anyone with information about the Super Bowl ring should call the Kansas City police or email KMBC 9 News at

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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The Broncos, Super Bowl Rings and The Truth in Advertising

September 22, 2016

The tweet below was recently sent out, but is the Super Bowl ring really “just like” theirs?

broncos super bowl ring giveaway

I thought I was done blogging about the Broncos Super Bowl ring giveaway (see my blog from September 15th). But when I saw this tweet I had to do another story on this matter.

The tweet, appears to be from someone affiliated with the Broncos organization. They are touting that the Super Bowl ring is just like there championship ring and even has a picture of the player size ring in the photo.

The only problem is if you read the fine print at the Broncos web site, the Super Bowl ring being offered has a stated value of $2,500.00. At that price point you are not getting a player size, or diamond and solid gold ring.

Looking at the tweet, a reader would believe they can win a player sized super bowl ring.

What happened to truth in advertising?

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superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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Seems You Can’t Give Away Mets 2000 Championship Rings

September 21, 2016

I don’t understand why demand, and pricing, is so low on these gorgeous Mets championship rings:

2000 Mets National League Championship Ring

Living in New York, the 2000 World Series was a big event.

Billed as a “Subway series”, and even shown prominently on the side of the Mets 2000 National League Championship ring, the city had not had a subway series since the Dodgers and Giants left town in the late 1950s.

We know the Yankees had a lot more star power than the Mets and the 2000 World Series was the 4th title for the Yankees in a five year span and their third World Series championship in a row.

Incidentally, partially because of it’s extreme rarity, and partially because of it’s huge bling, and of course because it’s the Yankees, their 2000 World Series rings sell for huge prices.

Meanwhile, the Mets 2000 championship ring gets very little respect. It’s a nice ring, made by Jostens and you can usually find two of them for sale on eBay month after month.

The $5,000 asking price as shown above means the seller will take less, possibly a lot less.

Yet month after month, no one bites. I have no idea why. Mets fans have very few World Series rings and National League Championship rings to choose from, and Mets fans are passionate about their team.

Any thoughts on why Mets 2000 championship rings are not in demand? Let me know.

Meanwhile, please note, I buy championship rings. If you have a championship ring to sell, and would prefer privacy over being named in an auction, please contact me.

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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Rare Jets WHA Championship Ring Going Up For Sale

September 20, 2016

This WHA championship ring will soon be offered for sale:

WHA Jets championship ring

Joe Daley has been involved in thesports memorabilia business for over 25 years, so when a Winnipeg Jets World Hockey Association championship ring owner turned up at his retail store recently, he knew it was something rare and special. This marks the second time he has been able to work a deal for a Jets championship ring.

The championship ring’s original owner, was a member of the Jets staff whose identity Daley is keeping confidential.

The Avco Cup championship ring is from the Jets’ second of three WHA championships in 1977/78. Daley and the championship ring owner are currently determining the asking price. Both parties believe the championship ring will sell for a “substantial” price, but they also feel that knowledgeable collectors will realize it’s a fair value, Daley said.

The championship ring is identical to those given to the players and also contains the recipient’s name on the side of the ring.

Compared to Stanley Cup rings, Avco Cup rings are extremely scarce because the league only existed for seven hockey seasons. Daley knows all about Jets championship rings as he was a member of three Jets championship teams and the former goaltender earned his own championship rings from 75/76, 77/78 and 78/79. Those championship rings have been passed down to each of his kids and won’t be for sale.

As I learned first hand in dealing with many championship rings over the years, there are occasions when former players find it better to sell championship rings and distribute the money to their family than to decide who gets a championship ring. This is normally the case for instance when there are two championship rings to distribute and four children.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to do a private deal, and sell your championship ring, your secret will be safe with me. Please contact me.

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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