September 30, 2016

When Jostens unveiled the Patriots 2003 Super Bowl ring, it was at that time, the largest, most binged out championship ring ever created:

Patriots 2003 Super Bowl Ring

Within a few years, Jostens was reusing this ground-breaking mold to make championship rings for major college programs and even high schools. Pictured below, courtesy of Oliver, our championship ring enthusiast from Canada and frequent contributor, are photographs showing how Jostens has reused this championship ring mold:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)Patriots Super Bowl XXXVIII ring mold

Pictured above, from left to right: the 2007 LSU National championship ring, 2010 Michigan State Spartans Big 10 championship ring, and of course the Patriots Super Bowl XXXVIII ring.

Astute championship ring collectors, have seen championship high school rings using the same mold too, as they rarely, but occasionally wind up for sale on eBay.

Before you ask how can a High School or College program can afford such expensive championship rings, keep in mind that using base white metal, and man-made imitation diamonds can bring the cost of these championship rings down to under $200.00 each in the manufacturing process.

Obviously, due to the memorabilia aspect of a major college football program, a championship ring like the two shown above, will sell on the collectors market, for over $1,000 each, while a player Super Bowl ring could go for $25,000 or more.

While the Super Bowl XXXVIII championship ring was groundbreaking, it’s title as the largest Super Bowl ring every produced didn’t last long. The following season, the Patriots debuted their Super Bowl XXXIX ring and it was even larger!

That championship ring mold too, has been reused for collegiate and high school championship rings.

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