September 26, 2016

Oliver, a great friend and contributor to this blog, recently visited The Hall at Patriot Place and sent some amazing photos:

New England Patriots Super Bowl rings at the Hall at Patriot Place

I must admit, I did not know the Patriots had a museum, but it turns out the technology-rich facility specializes in the history and memorabilia of the Patriots.

The Hall is huge – 30,000 square feet and contains 10 exhibit galleries. Located within walking distance of Gillette stadium, the Hall is open during the week and weekends.

I was very impressed with the fact that unlike most teams and most exhibits that showcase championship rings, the Pats did show off their AFC championship rings in addition to their four amazing Super Bowl rings.

AFC and NFC championship rings are only awarded to teams that win their conference championship but loose in the Super Bowl. The winning Super Bowl teams get larger, more blinged out Super Bowl rings and do not get AFC or NFC championship rings.

Pictured above are collectibles for sale at the Hall. Prices are not cheap, but these items are made by (or licensed by) Jostens.

Thanks Oliver, as always, your championship ring contributions are much appreciated.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring and have your privacy too, please contact me.

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