September 24, 2016

Jim Kearney, lost his championship ring at a car wash and gets it back:

Kansas City Chief Super Bowl IV ring

Jim Kearney was devastated when he lost his championship ring at his local Kansas City car wash on Thursday.

Thanks to a good samaritan, and local KMBC 9 News who broadcast the story about the missing championship ring, Kearney has his super bowl ring back in hand.

The News station was contacted by a viewer who found the large championship ring.

That person got to meet Kearney yesterday at a local police station to personally return the Super Bowl IV ring.

“With all the situations happening in the world, to have a small gesture be handed to you like this, it truly is a blessing because there are some good people in the world today. I thank him, his family, I’m just elated to get the ring back,” Kearney said.

Kearney who had publicly offered a reward for the return of his super bowl ring thanked the man who found it by taking him and his wife to dinner.

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