July 1, 2016

See what happens when you buy a championship ring on eBay, sometimes you can get a very good deal:

Packers 1997 NFC championship ring

It’s always a nice feeling when you can avoid the high prices that championship ring dealers peddle, or the huge bidding wars that can erupt at well publicized auction houses.

A well known Jeweler who sometimes scores championship rings and sells them on eBay in the old-style auction format, had another beauty this week. The player Packers championship ring, from the 1997 season sold for $4,755 after receiving 22 bids.

While the NFC championship ring did not come with the original presentation box, and was in non-pristine condition, the final price was a bargain.

Back in 2010, I won a player’s ring at a well known auction house. I paid more than double the price. While my championship ring was in better condition and came with the original presentation box, make no mistake, the championship ring sold this week was a great acquisition at a great price.

There’s a lessen to be learned here: Some of the eBay offerings from professional memorabilia dealers are insanely high-priced, and with patience and persistence, championship ring collectors can do better.

The longer I collect championship rings, the more I learn.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you have a championship ring to sell and would like to conduct a private deal, please let me know.

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