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High School Championship Rings vs. Tiffany NFL Championship Rings

July 30, 2016

Now there’s a Championship Ring blog-heading I never thought I’d create, but check out this Tweet by TOM III:

high school championship ring vs. Tiffany 2012 NFC 49ers championship ring

Tom III is a huge Denver Broncos fan, a reader of my championship ring blog, and he follows my Twitter posts (definitely in that order too!).

Tom nailed the sentiment towards the 2012 Tiffany NFC Championship Ring made for the 49ers with his post shown above.

He’s 100% correct – his High School ring is a better design than what Tiffany created for a professional football team!

high school championship ring vs. Tiffany 2012 NFC 49ers championship ring

And when you compare this 49ers championship ring with their historic Super Bowl rings (please see my super bowl ring gallery to view their rings), you can see how poor their latest championship ring design is.

Notice Tom’s High School championship ring design shows his football position on both sides of the ring, and tells a better story than the Tiffany championship ring.

And while the 49ers managed to put the year on their championship ring, keep in mind Tom’s championship ring also has the year, however, his year is on the ring top, not on the side. And the Tiffany ring lacks the player’s position.

Tom’s team went undefeated and their record is on the ring and his last name and number are crafted so much nicer than the way the last name and uniform number were displayed on the 49ers championship ring.

I wish I could show you the name on the 49ers championship ring so you could see the inferior personalization but, I need to honor the seller’s privacy.

The black antique technique used on Tom’s rings, help the images pop-out, while the 49ers ring, with harsh reflections from room or outdoor lighting, add to the Tiffany design failure.

Thanks Tom for your tweet that points out the 49ers epic fail, and congratulations on your wonderful championship ring!

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to maintain your privacy and sell your championship ring, please reach out and contact me.

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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Championship Rings At The National Sports Convention

July 29, 2016

If You’re on the East Coast and Want to See Some Amazing Championship Rings, Here’s Your Chance:

Championship rings at the National Sports Collectors Convention

To plan a visit to the upcoming National Sports Collectors Convention   and view incredible championship rings at the show, here’s what you need to know:

There will be championship rings on display at some auction-house booths; however be warned: They’re not for sale. They’re on display for two important reasons:

1) Attendees can see them and learn the auction date of the championship rings, and then bid accordingly. Some of the championship rings might be auctioned during the convention; usually in the evening, after the exhibit-hall is closed. This year at the convention, there’s a Mickey Mantle American League Championship ring that will sell for an astonishing amount.

2) The second reason auction houses display championship rings that are not for sale is that by promoting championship rings, attendees and memorabilia dealers may become inclined to consign other championship rings to the auction houses.

Occasionally a booth or two will have a championship ring for sale but these are few and far between.

If you wish to purchase championship rings immediately and/or see an impressive selection, there’s two prominent sports memorabilia dealers that team up at the National each year and they bring a treasure-trove of championship rings to the show. This year they will have at least 300 genuine championship rings, awards, medals, and trophies from many different college and pro teams for sale!

The two championship ring dealers are Scott Welkowsky and Brian Hobbs. They’re at booth #309 which is close to the front entrance and towards the center of the exhibition hall. The photo above shows some of their offerings from last year’s National. This year, the hall is open from Wednesday, August 3rd to Sunday, August 7th.

In addition to all of the championship rings that will be on display and for sale, Scott and Brian will have many great game-worn jerseys, bats, and other equipment of current and past stars! Plus, amazing boxing memorabilia, and rare autographs, including contracts and checks!

I’m not affiliated with Scott and Brian and none of the championship rings mentioned or shown in this blog or at the National Sports convention are mine.

Whenever I visit Scott and Brian’s amazing booth at the National, I notice dozens of people gathered around and marveling at Scott and Brian’s championship rings, trophies and other sports memorabilia. It’s fun to witness how excited sports collectors get when viewing all of the items on display, especially the championship rings.

Some of my favorite things about dealing with Scott and Brian are how knowledgeable they are, and that they price their championship rings at a fair price, unlike other dealers. Additionally, unlike some other dealers, they’re a pleasure to deal with since they’re never surly or treat people poorly. When I deal with them it’s a breath of fresh-air as they know more about championship rings than anyone I’ve ever met, and they won’t make up silly stories that are untrue like the dealer being sued from Tennessee!

I recently caught up with Scott and asked him two important questions about the upcoming show and the championship rings he’s offering:

“What are the most interesting championship rings or memorabilia that will be for sale at the show?”

Scott informed me, “We will have some amazing items from future NBA Hall-of-Famer Dwayne Wade!!! Everything was obtained directly from his former wife, including his original *All-Star* Game Ring from his very 1st All-Star Game appearance and his original *All-Star* Game Trophy ….plus his 2006 Miami Heat NBA Championship 14K White Gold Ring w/ 5-carats of Diamonds, which was given to his wife (Wade’s name is on the side)!!! Also, we will have a few Championship Boxing Belts on display, including the great, Sugar Ray Robinson’s original “Ring Magazine” Belt for sale!!”

Below are photos of some of the Dwayne Wade items for sale at the National:

Championship rings at the National Sports Collectors Convention

Championship rings at the National Sports Collectors Convention

Knowing that readers of this championship blog have differing budgets, I asked about the price ranges for championship rings at the show:

Scott replied “Even though the majority of our championship rings are in the $750 to $3,000 range, we will have rings available at the show, as low as $175-$300. And, of course, some will be in the 5-figure range also.”

If you get to the National, enjoy the show!

Please remember I buy championship rings! If you would like to sell a championship ring and do so in privacy, please reach out to me.

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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Former K.C. Royal Reunited With His 1985 World Series Ring

July 28, 2016

It was a special 70th birthday for a former Kansas City Royal. He got his treasured 1985 World Series ring back.

Royals 1985 World Series Ring

Jerry Terrell played for the Royals from 1978 to 1980. He was awarded an American League Championship ring back in 1980 with the team.

Later on he became a scout for the Royals and earned a World Series ring with the team in 1985. Last fall, he was with his grandchildren and participated in a leaf fight.

Somehow, the World Series ring came off and went missing.

“We looked everywhere. We searched everything,” Terrell said.

Terrell’s son, Jim came to the rescue. Jim had an idea to search in the area where the leaf fight occurred. Jim used a common metal detector and carefully searched the exact location where video evidence showed the World Series ring was likely to have fallen.

Sure enough, Jim located the World Series ring under several inches of dirt and presented it to his father as a 70th birthday present.

Terrell says the rediscovery of the championship ring was more than luck…. “It’s a God thing. I’m telling you,” he said.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you have a championship ring to sell and would like to keep your privacy in this matter, please contact me.

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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Atlanta Braves Are Giving Out 20,000 Championship Rings

July 27, 2016

The replica 1991 National League Championship Rings are to remind fans that next year, anything is possible.

1991 Atlanta Braves NLCS Championship rings

The message on the 1991 Braves National League Championship rings was crystal clear. “Worst-to-First”.

Can History repeat itself?

The Braves record is currently 33 wins and 66 loses. They own the worst record in baseball this year, and many of their fans feel they’ve been almost unwatchable for 99 games, especially at home. Unbelievably, the team has won only 14 games at Turner Field, and the feeling is they’ve given their fans very little to be excited about.

Perhaps a free replica championship ring giveaway can get the fans a little excited.

It’s looking very likely that the Braves will finish last in the NL East and basically have nowhere to go but up in 2017. That alone could give the team’s fans hope for next season, but just in case positive attitude is lacking among fans, the Braves are trying to help with this championship ring promotion.

The first 20,000 fans who attend the game on Saturday will receive a “Worst-to-First” NLCS replica ring commemorating their 1991 season when they reached the World Series.

The year before, in 1990, the Braves finished last in their division. Like this season, they were also the worst team in baseball. So there is some hope. However, this time a repeat may be more challenging; the Braves are currently on pace to win only 54 baseball games, 11 fewer than they won in 1990.

If you want a replica 1991 National League championship ring and can’t attend the game, check out eBay next week, there will be quite a few of them for sale.

Please remember I buy real championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring and do so privately, please let me know.

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Recent NFL Conference Championship Rings

July 26, 2016

Yesterday I showed how the 49ers and Giants last NFC Conference championship rings, although 12 years apart, are quite similar in design. Now here are examples of how different the designs have become for conference championship rings in recent years:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)NFL conference championship rings

About 10 to 13 years ago (2003-2008, not including 2006) conference championship rings by Jostens were basically the same design. You can view my super bowl ring gallery to see examples of every winning and losing ring since the Super Bowl began to see these championship rings.

Lately the trend has been for the championship ring manufacturers to design a completely new conference championship ring each year. However, we might be heading back to the old days, as the newest conference championship ring, belonging to the 2015 Panthers is remarkably similar to the Denver Broncos 2013 championship ring shown above.

The championship rings from left to right are: 2009 Colts championship ring, made by Herff Jones, 2011 Patriots ring made by Herff Jones and Masters of Design, 2012 NFC championship ring made by Tiffany and Company, the 2014 Broncos ring made by Jostens and the Seahawks 2015 NFC championship ring made by Tiffany and Company.

If you’re wondering about the 2010 Steelers AFC championship ring, it does not exist. The team broke tradition and went with a blinged-out watch (which can also be seen at my Super Bowl ring gallery).

My favorite championship ring of the ones shown above is the Pats ring – which has as much bling as many Super Bowl rings and my least favorite is the Seahawks championship ring which has lots of dots and bumps on the face but very few diamonds.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring and do so privately, I’m your guy. Please contact me.

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings


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