June 27, 2016

Former mob boss James ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s personal property – including a replica Stanley Cur Championship ring sold, for more than $100,000 on Saturday at auction.

Whitey Bulger Montreal Canadians Replica Stanley Cup Championship ring

The lots included many unusual things including items he was wearing when he was caught. Perhaps the most unusual lot was a man-shaped punching bag that sold for $4,900.

All the items at the auction had been seized by the US Marshals Service. Bulger, 86 years old was responsible for 11 murders that took place while he was running the Boston mob from 1979-1994. Bulger was captured and arrested in California, in 2011.

The replica Montreal Canadians Stanley Cup ring sold for $9,100. The championship ring contains 23 real diamonds and an inscription inside that says “Thanks Jim, Love Chris & Karen,” referring to NHL player Chris Nilan and his wife Karen Stanley. Karen Stanley was the daughter of a former Bulger longtime companion Teresa Stanley.

Bulger fought to get his replica championship ring back, however, the government went ahead and sold the item.

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