June 24, 2016

Florida State awarded this championship ring celebrating its self-proclaimed “Florida State Championship” and a losing Peach Bowl appearance:

2015 Florida State FSU Fotoball Championship ring

Basically, Florida State made up it’s own reason and award to hand out 2015 championship rings to their players.

Why? Probably because the gorgeous championship rings help in recruiting new top high school player prospects.

FSU has been a very successful college football program. 2015 was the first season Florida State did not win the ACC since 2011. 2015 ended their streak of three straight conference titles. Without the title, FSU didn’t make it to the College Football Playoffs and instead, were invited to the Peach Bowl, where they were defeated by Houston 38-24.

So, this means that clearly, Florida State didn’t have a real reason to award its players championship rings to celebrate some kind of championship, and the University basically made something up.

While Florida State didn’t win the ACC, or the Peach Bowl, it did manage to defeat USF, Miami and Florida during the regular season. So with that 3-0 football record against schools from Florida, FSU is celebrating their self-proclaimed “Florida State Championship”.

Still think this championship ring is valid and a good idea? What about UCF, FAU and FIU? Florida State did not play those teams yet awarded themselves the championship ring shown above.

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