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Questionable 2010 Packer Super Bowl Ring To Appear In Auction

June 30, 2016

Here’s a Super Bowl XLV Ring With Plenty of Questions:

Packers 2010 Super Bowl Ring

The Super Bowl ring shown above will be offered for sale to the highest bidder in a major auction this summer.

It’s supposedly a front office 2010 Packer Super Bowl ring, but some things just don’t appear right:

First off, the ring is a smaller version from what the player’s received. That one fact should not be a deal-breaker for Packer and championship ring collectors. Many times, front office rings are made in smaller versions and are still collectible, and often sell for substantially less money than a player’s championship ring version.

However, there are issues with this ring that lead me to question its authenticity. Hopefully the auction company, which in the past has been pressured to redo their descriptions, based upon collector’s observations, will take steps to get to the bottom of why this Super Bowl ring differs from the authentic ones I have seen (and own).

The first really strange observation is that the mantra that’s engraved inside the championship ring is in the wrong order.

The photo below shows a player’s Super Bowl ring on the left and on the right is the ring being offered at auction:

Packers 2010 Super Bowl Ring

You may be thinking that the order of the words are not important, but details such as these offer clues that the championship ring may not be authentic. The three player rings I have examined all show the exact wording on the left and the phrase looks to be stamped inside the rings, not hand engraved. A hand engraving would be more believable that an error could occur, but with stamping, I’m highly doubtful Jostens, the maker of this championship ring, would release a ring with wording in the wrong order, using a stamp that differs from the player’s version.

Next, the photo below shows a player’s Super Bowl ring on the left and the ring offered for sale on the right.

Packers 2010 Super Bowl Ring

Notice that there are substantial differences in the Lombardi trophy. In fact, the championship ring offered for sale in the auction (pictured on the right) is missing wording and details in the NFL shield. Don’t tell me they may have worn away; nothing wears away that cleanly. An important clue when trying to authenticate a real championship ring from a fake one are the small details in the images, and the one on the right fails that test.

Another clue in authenticating championship rings can be seen in the photo above. Notice the many small diamonds on the left: you can’t see the prongs that hold each diamond in place; yet on the ring on the right, you can see them quite visibly. That’s because prongs have to be set by hand and replica ring makers have a lot of trouble making them tiny and not noticeable.

Please remember I buy championship rings all the time, as long as they’re authentic. If you would like to do a private deal, and sell your championship ring, please get in touch with me.

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Buddy Ryan Passes Away

June 29, 2016

A father and his two twin sons, Buddy, Rex and Rob, have acquired five Super Bowl rings as NFL coaches.

The Ryan Family and their Super Bowl rings

There’s much more to life than Super Bowl rings and championship rings. Two sons lost their loving father yesterday. Since the scope of my blogs are about championship rings, let’s discuss the Ryan family’s collection of Super Bowl rings.

It’s interesting to note, that none of the super bowl rings shown below were won by a team with a Ryan as an NFL head coach.

The photograph below shows every Super Bowl ring the Ryan family has won. Love ‘em or despise them, the Ryans are terrific coaches, and perhaps, someday, Rex and maybe even Rob will finally win a Super Bowl ring as an NFL head coach.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)The Ryan Family Super Bowl Ringss

The championship rings pictured above are presented in chronological order. Not only does the picture show every championship ring the family owns, the photo also show cases the on-going evolution and growing sizes of Super Bowl rings.

Here’s the low-down on each championship ring:

The championship ring on the far left is the iconic Jets Super Bowl III ring, and the Jets only one. Designed and minted by Balfour, Buddy received this Super Bowl ring as the Defensive Line Coach. The championship ring is 40 grams and contains one large diamond and 6 smaller diamonds. Rex and Rob, although very young, remember the game well. They were lucky enough to be in attendance and root for Dad and the Jets.

Seventeen years later, as the Defensive Coordinator for the Bears, Buddy was awarded a Bears Super Bowl XX championship ring. That ring, also crafted by Jostens, has a large center diamond, weighs 47 grams, and has 40 diamonds.

The middle Super Bowl ring, is the Ravens’ Super XXXV ring. It belongs to current Buffalo Bills coach, Rex Ryan. It’s his only Super Bowl ring. He recently commented that his dad and brother each have two Super Bowl rings, while Rex only has one. Rex has promised to “fix that” deficiency. Rex was awarded this championship ring as the Ravens Defensive Line Coach.

Rex’s Ravens Super Bowl ring weighs in at 65 grams and it was designed and made by Jostens. The gorgeous championship ring contains over 100 diamonds.

The final two Super Bowl rings belong to Rob Ryan. Rob was the New England Patriots Linebackers coach when they won their first two Super Bowls. Rob is currently a coach for the Bills and working with his brother Rex.

The Super Bowl ring, second from the right is the Patriots Super Bowl XXXVI ring. Designed and manufactured by Jostens, the championship ring contains 144 diamonds and weighs 66 grams.

Last, the ring on the far right is the Patriots second Super Bowl ring and the last time a Ryan has won a Super Bowl ring. This is the Super Bowl XXXVIII ring, also made by Jostens. The championship ring weighs in at 100 grams and contains 104 diamonds. While the ring may have less total diamonds then the Patriot’s first championship ring, the diamonds are larger and the ring is one-third larger too.

Please remember as always, I buy championship rings. If you want to sell your championship ring, and do a completely private deal please call me!

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The Biggest Super Bowl Rings Ever!

June 28, 2016

This weekend I acquired the largest Super Bowl ring ever – the Patriots 2014 championship ring shown in the center below:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)largest Super Bowl rings ever

The Patriots Superbowl XLIX ring is a whopper – larger than the other winning Super Bowl rings it’s pictured with.

Other than the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII from 2013, shown above left, the championship rings pictured, are the largest Super Bowl rings ever made.

The Packers, Ravens, Steelers ring, and the Patriots Super Bowl ring on the far right are larger than just about all of the Super Bowl rings not pictured, that’s why they are featured in the photo.

The first Super Bowl ring, back from 1966 weighed in at 40 grams of solid gold. Each of the championship rings above, except for the Seahawks ring and Ravens ring, all weigh 100 grams or more. That means these championship rings are 2.5 times heavier than the Packers Super Bowl I ring!

Each of these massive Super Bowl rings were made by Jostens, except for the Seahawks ring which was designed and crafted by Tiffany and Company. Incidentally, the Seahawks ring weighs in at 73.58 grams.

Also of note, the most massive ring shown (ie heaviest) is the Packers Super Bowl XLV ring – weighing in at a jaw dropping 110 grams. It’s 10 grams heavier than the Patriots 2014 Super Bowl ring because it’s made of Platinum which is about 15-20 heavier than 10k gold which the Patriots ring is comprised of.

Finally obtaining a Patriots player 2014 Super Bowl ring was an amazing experience, and you can’t appreciate how big the ring truly is until you hold it and try it on. All of the rings above, even the Seahawks championship ring have become so large and heavy that they are completely uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. That kind of defeats the purpose of owing a championship ring.

Please remember, I buy championship rings at a moment’s notice. If you would like to discuss selling your championship ring in privacy, please contact me.

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Whitey Bulger’s Items Get $100,000 Including a Replica Championship Ring

June 27, 2016

Former mob boss James ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s personal property – including a replica Stanley Cur Championship ring sold, for more than $100,000 on Saturday at auction.

Whitey Bulger Montreal Canadians Replica Stanley Cup Championship ring

The lots included many unusual things including items he was wearing when he was caught. Perhaps the most unusual lot was a man-shaped punching bag that sold for $4,900.

All the items at the auction had been seized by the US Marshals Service. Bulger, 86 years old was responsible for 11 murders that took place while he was running the Boston mob from 1979-1994. Bulger was captured and arrested in California, in 2011.

The replica Montreal Canadians Stanley Cup ring sold for $9,100. The championship ring contains 23 real diamonds and an inscription inside that says “Thanks Jim, Love Chris & Karen,” referring to NHL player Chris Nilan and his wife Karen Stanley. Karen Stanley was the daughter of a former Bulger longtime companion Teresa Stanley.

Bulger fought to get his replica championship ring back, however, the government went ahead and sold the item.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to sell your championship ring in private, please contact me.

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A Super Bowl Ring For Sale With a Lot of Questions

June 25, 2016

A “Mean Joe Greene” Super Bowl IX Ring is coming to auction. Here’s what you should know:

Mean Joe Greene Steelers Super Bowl IX ring

In speaking with other championship ring enthusiasts, we pretty much have the same consensus: There are many Super Bowl rings and championship rings belonging to star athletes that we would be very hesitant to purchase.

Want to sell me the actual championship ring presented to Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas, Tom Brady or Reggie Jackson? Thanks but I’ll pass. So will a lot of other championship ring collectors in the know.


Because all the names mentioned above and their championship rings have been made dozens of times by the ring manufacturers. Exact duplicates of those championship rings have been minted as “Salesman Sample” rings and given to ring representatives to show off the company’s offerings.

Many Joe Greene Super Bowl rings have sold through the years to championship ring collectors and Steeler fans.

All it would take is for someone to have a jeweler replace the fake diamond with a real diamond, and buff out the “not for resale” wording inside the ring, and you have a championship ring that looks 100% authentic. The buyer who does not spend any time researching championship rings can get fooled and spend big-bucks getting a salesman sample tuned into a real Super Bowl ring with an unsubstantiated story.

Furthermore, in all the years I have spent researching Super Bowl rings, I have never seen the accompanying presentation box. And it looks brand new for a box that’s supposed to be 40 years old! Using modern technology, anyone can download a Super Bowl logo, set up a jpg or pdf file, and have an engraver make that box.

Please note, I’m not accusing the auction house of doing anything wrong. The sad thing is these auction houses get consignments and are often handed a b.s. story from the consigner.

While this Joe Greene super bowl ring looks authentic and is certainly made by Jostens, it’s possible that it could have started out as a salesman sample.

The auction house did specifically state that this is a second Super Bowl ring and Joe has his original. It is highly unusual that the Steelers and/or Jostens would make Joe Greene a second ring. If they did this, then championship ring collectors would be seeing championship rings constantly for sale from fathers, sons, brothers, and best friends. Yet we almost never see duplicate rings come up for sale.

This championship ring has zero paperwork from Joe Greene himself, stating the ring was acquired from Jostens and was a gift to someone (as mentioned in the auction). Joe Greene can be easily contacted, he works for the Steelers, and could help validate this story. By the way, Joe is one of the few people around who can boast that he has all six Steeler Super Bowl rings.

Please remember I buy championship rings. Want to sell your championship ring privately? Please contact me.

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