May 31, 2016

I Haven’t… Until Now. Leland’s is Auctioning Such a Championship Ring in Their Upcoming Auction:

Sumo Wrestling Championship Ring

A 100% authentic Jostens salesman sample, Yokozuna Grand Championship Sumo Wrestling Championship ring has hit the auction block.

The auction, which goes until June 17th, is getting a lot of attention, thanks to 1980 USA Goalie and Olympic gold champion, Jim Craig’s incredible items featured in the auction.

But listed in lot 1295 of the auction is a salesman sample Jostens Sumo wrestling championship ring.

The championship ring is made of solid 10K gold and is made of 36 grams. The championship ring is properly marked with the Jostens engraving and the word “Sample”.

It will be very interesting to see what this championship ring sells for, it currently has one bid at the starting price of $1,500.00 (which does not include the 20% added buyers premium to the final selling price).

Here are the very usual shanks:

Sumo Wrestling Championship Ring Sumo Wrestling Championship Ring

The 64 number, so prominently displayed, is because the wrestler named, Akebono, in 1993 become the grand champion, of sumo wresting in Japan. He had the distinction of becoming sumo’s first foreign-born grand champion, and was the 64th overall champion.

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