May 27, 2016

Clemson’s newest ACC football championship rings debuted on the Internet this week:

Clemson 2015 ACC championship ring

Center, Jay Guillermo tweeted a photo of Clemson’s newest championship ring, shown above.

The championship ring has that new, familiar, large championship ring shape, however, the thing that jumps out to me is the odd background shape, seen around the imitation diamond (more on diamonds and college championship rings in a moment).

I really like the paw logo shown prominently on this championship ring, however, I would have suggested the background metal surrounding it could have been thinner to help the paw stand out more.

Now about the “diamonds” and “gold” on this championship ring…

All college championship rings (and High School too), are huge and stunning, but they’re made with imitation diamonds and non gold materials. That means that these championship rings from a jewelry point of view are not worth much money, however, in no way does that take away what these beautiful championship rings means to the recipients.

Congratulations to Clemson on a great season and a great looking championship ring.

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