May 26, 2016

I’m not sure if there’s a championship ring rules of edicate, but something just seems wrong about this:

Yankees 1996 World Series Ring

Hall of famer, Wade Boggs spent his first 11 years of his major league career with the Boston Red Sox.

He’s considered one of Baseball’s greatest hitters and was a 12 time all star. He won the Silver Slugger award an amazing 8 times and even more remarkably, was the American League battling champion five times.

Boggs is in Boston this week as the Red Sox are retiring his number and was also on hand for a ceremony on Wednesday, where the Red Sox honored the 1986 team.

While Boggs could have wore his American League Championship ring from 1986, when the team lost to the Mets in the World Series, he decided to wear his only winning World Series ring, the 1996 Yankee championship ring.

The ’96 World Series ring was awarded to him by the Red Sox hated rivals, the New York Yankees.

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