May 23, 2016

This Pre-Brady Championship Ring continues the trend of lower auction prices for championship rings.   What’s going on here?

Patriots Championship Ring

The Patriots championship ring shown above, sold Sunday on ebay for only $3,550.00.

While not belonging to a former player, the original owner was a scout for the team who passed away from cancer.

The championship ring, is the same size, style and contains real diamonds, just like the players received.

The auction format produced 11 bids.

With the long success the Patriots have had over the last 15 seasons, their fan base is very strong and Patriot Championship rings and Patriot Super Bowl rings perform very well at auction.

While this ring was awarded when Parcells was head coach and not Belichick, and the qb was Drew Bledsoe and not Tom Brady, this championship ring went for a shockingly low price.

One issue I had with the championship ring, and perhaps others did too, was there was no mention of solid paperwork with this ring, proving that the original owner sold the ring.

Furthermore, the company that ran the auction, mentioned that a special scholarship fund was set up in the name Mike Pollom, the scout who passed. Here’s the auction’s blurb:

“Pollom is immortalized by the Mike Pollom Scholarship Fund which provides scholarships to deserving students of Coachella Valley High School in Coachella, California.”

The reason I bring this us is that this championship ring does not fit the situation usually seen when an original championship ring recipient sells their ring. Perhaps the Pollom family is unaware that this championship ring was in an auction and it’s possible they could come forward and have proof the ring was lost or stolen. In that case, they would get the championship ring back, and the winner or the auction, or the company auctioning the item would be out thousands of dollars.

Currently, there’s another non player, 1996 Patriots championship ring for sale on eBay. The championship ring dealer, who is selling it, is asking $9,999.99. Good luck to the championship ring dealer trying to get that kind of money, when the same style ring just sold for $3,550.00.

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