March 31, 2016

About two weeks ago, the Stanford University Football program received their 2016 Rose Bowl rings from their dominant victory against the Iowa Hawkeyes:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)Stanford 2016 Rose Bowl Championship Ring

Similar to their performance in the Rose Bowl, the championship ring tops are impressive.

The sides of the championship rings, commonly called shanks, are shown above. While I like the championship ring top and one of the shanks, the side showing three prestigious college football trophies is very lacking and not up to the standards of most other championship rings.

The “good” shank, shows the lopsided football score, a beautiful image of the Rose Bowl logo (painted in vivid color) and has room for the player’s jersey number.

With their dominate Rose Bowl victory back in January 2016, Stanford finished their season with an impressive 12-2 record and finished ranked third in the nation. In an unusual feature for a championship ring, the number three ranking is featured on the top of the championship ring.

No word on who made this championship ring, but it was probably Jostens.

Congratulations to the Stanford team and for their nice championship rings (even though I am not a fan of one of the three sides of the championship ring!)

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