March 29, 2016

Sports fans know that players want to win championship rings very badly. Sometimes they even take a lot less money to help their chances of winning one of these:

Championship rings and super bowl rings

Being successful every year and being in the Super Bowl hunt annually, has provided the New England Patriots a huge advantage over the NFL’s other teams: Football players will sometimes sign with the Pats for less money than they could get with other teams.

Chris Long is a perfect example of this.

The former Rams defensive end left a significant amount lot of money on the table when he signed a contract with the Patriots two weeks ago, according to his father, football media star and football great, Howie Long.

Howie claims his son could’ve gotten a much larger salary elsewhere, but he signed with the Patriots because he wants to win a Super Bowl ring or two.

And realistically, who gives him a better chance for a Super Bowl ring than Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and owner Robert Kraft.

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