March 24, 2016

Additional Details Have Emerged on This Gorgeous Super Bowl Ring:

Patriots 2014 Super Bowl ring

About three months from now, the Patriots 2014 Super Bowl ring will no longer be the “new kid in town”. The Broncos will announce and show the world their new Super Bowl sometime in June and that means the Patriots Super Bowl ring shown above will no longer be the newest Super Bowl ring.

With no player rings having emerged for sale, and the Patriots and Jostens providing scant details for fans and championship ring enthusiasts, there are some unanswered questions about the Patriots Super Bowl XLIX ring shown above.

Jostens and the Patriots announced when the championship ring was introduced last June, that it was the largest Super Bowl ring ever produced, although technically, not heaviest. The player’s version has a staggering 205 diamonds and is comprised of 4.85 carats.

Through detective work, I later found out from an executive at Jostens that the Super Bowl ring weighs an average of 99 grams. I didn’t want to publish that number on my championship ring blog in case the 99 gram figure was not accurate.

Later on, a second Jostens source confirmed the Super Bowl ring was 100 grams – so although off by one percent, it’s safe to say the Patriots championship ring is 99-100 grams.

Still further on, I learned through a Patriots employee, that staff members who received a Super Bowl ring had to promise the organization (the promise possibly could have been mandated in writing) that they would not sell their championship ring.

Now, this week, I learned that some staff received a player-size version of the Super Bowl ring, however it is made of non-gold and imitation diamonds (called cz’s). The staff members that were awarded the player- size Super Bowl ring in non gold and non diamonds, did receive the same championship ring presentation box as the players.

While a staff ring made of non-gold and imitation diamonds is worth a lot less than a player’s ring or even an executive’s ring made of solid gold and diamonds, it’s still a breathtaking championship ring and almost impossible to tell it’s not the same ring the players received without knowledge or tools to detect otherwise.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to maintain your privacy and sell your championship ring, let me know.

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