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The 2016 Stanford’s Rose Bowl Championship Ring

March 31, 2016

About two weeks ago, the Stanford University Football program received their 2016 Rose Bowl rings from their dominant victory against the Iowa Hawkeyes:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)Stanford 2016 Rose Bowl Championship Ring

Similar to their performance in the Rose Bowl, the championship ring tops are impressive.

The sides of the championship rings, commonly called shanks, are shown above. While I like the championship ring top and one of the shanks, the side showing three prestigious college football trophies is very lacking and not up to the standards of most other championship rings.

The “good” shank, shows the lopsided football score, a beautiful image of the Rose Bowl logo (painted in vivid color) and has room for the player’s jersey number.

With their dominate Rose Bowl victory back in January 2016, Stanford finished their season with an impressive 12-2 record and finished ranked third in the nation. In an unusual feature for a championship ring, the number three ranking is featured on the top of the championship ring.

No word on who made this championship ring, but it was probably Jostens.

Congratulations to the Stanford team and for their nice championship rings (even though I am not a fan of one of the three sides of the championship ring!)

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Howie Long Claims His Son Took a Huge Pay Cut to Win a Super Bowl Ring

March 29, 2016

Sports fans know that players want to win championship rings very badly. Sometimes they even take a lot less money to help their chances of winning one of these:

Championship rings and super bowl rings

Being successful every year and being in the Super Bowl hunt annually, has provided the New England Patriots a huge advantage over the NFL’s other teams: Football players will sometimes sign with the Pats for less money than they could get with other teams.

Chris Long is a perfect example of this.

The former Rams defensive end left a significant amount lot of money on the table when he signed a contract with the Patriots two weeks ago, according to his father, football media star and football great, Howie Long.

Howie claims his son could’ve gotten a much larger salary elsewhere, but he signed with the Patriots because he wants to win a Super Bowl ring or two.

And realistically, who gives him a better chance for a Super Bowl ring than Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and owner Robert Kraft.

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superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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Tennessee Vols Awarded Championship Rings

March 28, 2016

The Tennessee Volunteers football players, coaches, and staff added another championship ring to their collection:

Tennesee Vols Outback Bowl Rings

The photo above shows the beautiful new championship ring from the Vol’s Outback Bowl victory over Northwestern. The championship rings were handed out over the weekend.

As is standard practice these days, photos of the gorgeous championship rings immediately started circulating on social media on Saturday.

The Vols demolished Northwestern 45 to 6 on New Years Day in Tampa, Florida. The victory, capped a 9-4 season that was the teams most successful year since 2007.

It was the Vols second dominant victory in a Florida bowl game against a Big Ten team in a row.

“Always love handing these out every year!!! #OutbackBowlChamps,” Tennessee coach Butch Jones tweeted Saturday, along with a few pictures of the championship rings.

There’s no word on which championship ring manufacturer created the rings, but it’s a safe bet it was probably Jostens.

No doubt, Tennessee will be looking for more championship rings for the upcoming 2016 season. The Vols will have many their starters returning on both sides of the ball from last season, and word is that the Vols are a popular pick to win the SEC East title. If they win, it would be their first SEC championship since 1998.

Congratulations to the Volunteers for their successful season and stunning championship rings.

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Jostens Shows Off Their NCAA Basketball Championship Rings

March 25, 2016

I don’t know any championship ring manufacturer that does better marketing than Jostens. Case in point:

Jostens Men's NCAA Basketball Championship Rings

The illustration above made it’s way over the internet this week and shows some terrific NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Rings that Jostens has designed and manufactured in recent years.

The championship rings represent so many Colleges and Universities that have had success in the NCAA tournament.

Seeing 16 wonderful championship rings, all together really brings home how stunning these rings can be.

And how nice is it that we see a championship ring or two made of yellow-gold and notice how every single ring is stylish and not overly done in too much bling.

Congratulations to Jostens for making such enduring championship rings and for showing championship ring enthusiasts and NCAA college Basketball fans your marvelous products.

Special thanks to “Ridenlow71″, a frequent contributor on the championship ring forum for bringing this illustration to my attention.

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More Secrets Revealed on Patriots 2014 Super Bowl Ring

March 24, 2016

Additional Details Have Emerged on This Gorgeous Super Bowl Ring:

Patriots 2014 Super Bowl ring

About three months from now, the Patriots 2014 Super Bowl ring will no longer be the “new kid in town”. The Broncos will announce and show the world their new Super Bowl sometime in June and that means the Patriots Super Bowl ring shown above will no longer be the newest Super Bowl ring.

With no player rings having emerged for sale, and the Patriots and Jostens providing scant details for fans and championship ring enthusiasts, there are some unanswered questions about the Patriots Super Bowl XLIX ring shown above.

Jostens and the Patriots announced when the championship ring was introduced last June, that it was the largest Super Bowl ring ever produced, although technically, not heaviest. The player’s version has a staggering 205 diamonds and is comprised of 4.85 carats.

Through detective work, I later found out from an executive at Jostens that the Super Bowl ring weighs an average of 99 grams. I didn’t want to publish that number on my championship ring blog in case the 99 gram figure was not accurate.

Later on, a second Jostens source confirmed the Super Bowl ring was 100 grams – so although off by one percent, it’s safe to say the Patriots championship ring is 99-100 grams.

Still further on, I learned through a Patriots employee, that staff members who received a Super Bowl ring had to promise the organization (the promise possibly could have been mandated in writing) that they would not sell their championship ring.

Now, this week, I learned that some staff received a player-size version of the Super Bowl ring, however it is made of non-gold and imitation diamonds (called cz’s). The staff members that were awarded the player- size Super Bowl ring in non gold and non diamonds, did receive the same championship ring presentation box as the players.

While a staff ring made of non-gold and imitation diamonds is worth a lot less than a player’s ring or even an executive’s ring made of solid gold and diamonds, it’s still a breathtaking championship ring and almost impossible to tell it’s not the same ring the players received without knowledge or tools to detect otherwise.

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superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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