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Owner Looking For His Stolen 2009 World Series Ring

February 29, 2016

Stephen Miraglia’s 2009 Yankee World Series Ring was stolen and he’s asking that championship ring collectors be on the look out for it:

Stolen 2009 Yankee World Series Ring

Frustrating to Miraglia’s situation, is that he has seen a couple of 2009 Yankee rings wind up on ebay for sale. A common tactic used on ebay, but not practiced at major auction houses, is that many of the championship rings offered for sale or auction will not show the original recipient’s last name.

Although Miraglia has reached out to the sellers to ask if they have his championship ring, according to Miraglia he’s been ignored.

I can’t stress enough that selling or buying a stolen championship ring is a bad idea. It’s also not advised to purchase a championship ring from anyone, without proof that the person selling the ring has proper ownership of that ring.

Just because you spend thousands of dollars on a championship ring, you can loose it very quickly should the police find out the ring was stolen and the victim can produce a copy of a valid police report.

Good luck trying to get your money back; the championship ring hobby-place has it’s share of stories where stolen rings were recovered and buyers were out their money.

Just recently, this blog did a feature on a championship ring dealer from Tennessee who sold a Super Bowl ring to a lawyer. The dealer claimed the original owner sold or bartered the championship ring. Turns out that was not true, and the Super Bowl ring was returned to the original owner. As a result, the lawyer is suing the Tennessee ring dealer for his money back.

If you hear of Stephen Miraglia’s 2009 Yankee World series ring, please let me know and I will alert him.

Meanwhile, if you have a championship ring for sale and you have solid paperwork, I will buy your championship ring.

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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City of Oakland Gets A Warriors Championship Ring

February 27, 2016

A close-up of the Golden State Warriors 2015 Championship ring. The photo was taken during a ceremony on February 25, 2016, where the championship ring was presented to the city of Oakland.

GoldState Warriors 2015 Championship Ring

The World Champion Golden State Warriors on Thursday awarded one more championship ring – a player size ring to the city of Oakland. The 2015 championship ring will be displayed at the Oakland Museum of California.

There are plans to store the blinged out championship ring in a special display case where it have a permanent home even after the basketball team moves a short distance away to San Francisco.

Warriors President, Rick Welts, presented the 2015 NBA championship ring at City Hall to Mayor Libby Schaaf, Councilman Larry Reid, members of Oakland-based youth organizations and the Warriors Community Foundation.

Also on hand was Reverend Jesse Jackson, who was in town to meet with the mayor and others about the growing technology industry in Oakland. Oddly enough, or perhaps exposed, Jackson, who referred to Oakland as a second home, repeatedly called the team the “Oakland State Warriors.”

“It’s amazing how in most cities the athletes come in on airplanes, sign a contract, live in the suburbs; they play and they go. They are not part of the community,” Jackson informed the gathered crowd. “Not so in Oakland with the Warriors”, he said.

Congratulations to the city of Oakland and congratulations to the Warriors on a very nice gesture.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so if you want a private deal, and are ready to sell your championship ring, please contact me.

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This Broncos Three Headed Super Bowl Ring Ain’t Happening

February 26, 2016

Nice photoshop work, and an interesting idea, but don’t expect Jostens to design a Broncos Super Bowl 50 ring like this:

Broncos Super Bowl 50 ring

This photoshopped proposed Super Bowl 50 ring made the rounds recently on Twitter.

While Jostens is now hard at work coming up with possible designs and showing them to the Broncos executives, my predation is you won’t see any three diamond-filled Bronco logos on the next championship ring. In recent years, the trend for Super Bowl rings has been to place multiple Lombardi trophies on the ring. In the Broncos Super Bowl 50 ring, that would mean three marques diamonds, one for each trophy.

The Broncos first Super Bowl ring did have a beautiful diamond horse-head logo, and their second Super Bowl ring a year later contained two horse-head logos to signify their second World championship.

To see the Broncos first two Super Bowl rings, and their many AFC championship rings, please visit my Super Bowl ring gallery. A link to the gallery can be found on the top of my home page.

Besides running out of room on the ring, three Horse-head logos look too busy and somehow would probably get lost on the championship ring.

Hopefully the Super Bowl 50 ring will be made in yellow gold – to match Denver’s previous two Super Bowl rings and to pay tribute to the Golden anniversary the NFL just celebrated.

Please remember, I buy championship rings and we can do a private deal if you are looking to sell your championship ring. Let me know.

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Attack of the Championship Ring Clones

February 25, 2016

The onslaught of cheap Championship Rings and some sellers brazen disregard for legal ramifications can be found all over the Internet:

fake, replica championship rings

Much to my horror, I can across the recent tweet shown above.

I immediately thought of the Star Wars movie – Attack of the Clones, and especially some of the scenes where there are thousands of cloned troops, all in perfect placement and unison:

replica championship rings

As I always say, but just can’t understand, how do the professional leagues and championship ring manufacturers such as Jostens, Tiffany, and Balfour allow this to happen?

These fake championship rings that used to cost hundreds of dollars several years ago, can now be had for under $30.00 on places such as ebay. I see people wearing these fake championship rings all the time at sporting events and sports memorabilia shows.

The brazen disregard for the law means that sellers are tweeting their wares, setting up and maintaining web sites with this junk, and even selling hundreds of cheap replica imitation championship rings on eBay each month.

Has it hurt the resale value of real championship rings? Probably not, but perhaps it hurts the championship ring manufactures and the leagues as people start to think real championship rings are made with poor quality when they see these crappy things up close (which us championship rings enthusiasts know is not true).

Please remember, I buy real championship rings, not this schlock. If you have a championship ring to sell and would like to discuss a private transaction, please get in touch with me.

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Jostens Super Bowl Ring Bragging Rights On Twitter

February 24, 2016

This tweet was sent out recently. This Championship Ring Picture Rocks!

(Click picture below for a larger picture)Jostens Super Bowl Rings

While the picture of six fairly recent Jostens Super Bowl rings is magnificent, and shows the amazing championship ring work that Jostens does, there are some issues with the photograph that championship ring enthusiasts should be aware of.

1) The Super Bowl rings shown above are not photographed to scale. In reality the Patriots first Super Bowl ring from 2001, shown on the lower left is smaller than the two other Patriot Super Bowl rings shown to the right of that ring.

2) In actuality, the Patriots Super Bowl ring from 2003, shown in the middle of the bottom row, is larger than the 2001 Super Bowl ring but smaller than the ring shown on the right (the 2004 championship ring).

3) If the photo was done recently, where’s the Patriots latest Super Bowl ring? That championship ring is the largest Super Bowl ring ever, however, in this illustration it would probably have been scaled down as to not dwarf the other rings.

4) All the rings were photo-shopped very carefully into the picture as it would be impossible to line them up the way the illustration shows.

5) The Packers Super Bowl ring from 2010, shown in the upper middle is the heaviest Super Bowl ring ever, since it was made of solid Platinum, where the most recent Patriots Super Bowl ring (not shown) was made of 10K white gold and although larger, is lighter since 10K gold is around 20% lighter than platinum. I bring this up because the Packer Super Bowl ring is also not to scale, it is smaller than the two Super Bowl rings it is shown next to.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. If you would like to keep your name out of the news, or internet, you can sell me your championship ring privately.

superbowl, super bowl and championship rings  superbowl, super bowl and championship rings

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