January 31, 2016

Searching eBay this week, fans can easily find some authentic Super Bowl and Championship rings belonging to past players of the Broncos and Panthers:

Super Bowl and championship rings for sale

In seven days, the greatest yearly sporting event on Earth takes place and after it concludes, we’ll know which team is getting a new Super Bowl ring and which team is getting either an NFC or AFC championship ring.

It’s pretty rare to see the lone NFC championship ring that the Panthers have won available for sale. Yet, this week there are two of them on eBay.

Not to be left out, the Denver Broncos are feeling the love too, as some of their winning Super Bowl rings and AFC championship rings are on eBay as well.

The rings being offered are 100% genuine and please note I am not affiliated with any of the rings being offered, or the sellers of these championship rings.

And be careful, while the championship rings I’ve seen for sale are 100% real and genuine, a new or different unscrupulous seller, who has a different championship ring, could possibly appear at anytime with something that’s not genuine so be careful.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. So if you would like to sell your ring, and not have the whole world or the media find out about it, let’s talk!

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