January 27, 2016

Have some extra money? You can get two former player’s Super Bowl rings on eBay right now:

Denver Bronco Super Bowl Rings

The two winning player Super Bowl rings shown above our from my collection and not the two rings for sale on eBay.

And, please note I am not affiliated with the two championship rings (or any championship rings) being offered on eBay.

And, the photo above does show the AFC championship ring from the Broncos most recent trip to the super bowl, and please note there is not one of these being offered on eBay.

The Super Bowl XXXIII ring being offered on eBay (easily found if you search the eBay site) has an asking price of $72,500. The seller has a “best offer” option so keep in mind the championship ring will probably sell for less.

The seller is stating that the player has played in numerous Super Bowls and that he has made the probowl a bunch of times. The seller does not want to mention who’s Super Bowl ring it belonged to, and that’s pretty common when selling championship rings on eBay (not a bad thing in the interest of keeping the original owner’s name out of the press).

Perhaps auction houses should do that too. Meanwhile, we can assume the ring does not belong to John Elway, the former QB Hall of Famer and current GM of the broncos. My guess (and it would not be fair to call out a name when I could be wrong) is that the original owner was a controversial player – you loved him if he played for your team and hated him if he didn’t, and had a little incident with spit.

Also on eBay is a player’s XXXII championship ring with an asking price of $32,500.00. This Super Bowl ring also has a best offer option so it could possibly sell for less money than the asking price.

Going to Super Bowl 50 and rooting for the Broncos? You can buy either of these championship rings (or both) and have them in time to wear to the game!

Please remember, I buy championship rings all the time. If you want to sell your championship ring privately, and avoid being “outed” in an auction or in the news, please contact me to do a private transaction.

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