January 26, 2016

The Championship Ring from one of the most lovable players in Bengals history can be yours if your offer is accepted:

Ickey Woods 1988 AFC Championship ring

Please note, I do not know the seller of this ring and I am not affiliated with this championship ring offer at all. I’m just writing about the ring and the player for the enjoyment of other championship ring enthusiasts.

If you are too young to remember Ickey Woods and his famous “Shuffle” you really will want to see it on you-tube.

The championship ring offered on ebay appears to be authentic and while the asking price seems very high (normally a player’s championship ring from this era will sell for $7,000 – $10,000) the seller is accepting offers.

Here’s some background on Ickey.

Elbert Woods was given the nickname “Ickey” because of his younger brother’s pronunciation of his first name, which sounded like “E-E.” The nickname stuck from them on.

Woods played his short but entire NFL career (1988 to 1991) with the Cincinnati Bengals. Before that he played college football at UNLV. Woods is most remembered for his “Ickey Shuffle” end zone dance, performed each time he scored a touchdown.

Woods was drafted by the Bengals in the second round (31st overall) of the 1988 NFL Draft. He was a breakout star as a rookie, rushing for 1,066 yards and 15 touchdowns. He played very well in the playoffs that rookie season, having 228 yards and three touchdowns in the playoffs.

When the Bengals advanced to Super Bowl XXIII, he played well, but unfortunately, the Bengals lost the Super Bowl game 20-16 to the San Francisco 49ers. Woods finished as the game’s leading rusher with 79 yards.

In 1989, Woods tore his left anterior cruciate ligament in the second game of the season. He missed 13 months of playing time and when he returned, his starting role was filled by Harold Green.

In 1991, Woods injured his right knee in the preseason. He returned at midseason but he ran for just 97 yards on 36 carries. He was out of football by age 26.

Woods is the longtime owner and coach of the Cincinnati Sizzle of the full-contact Women’s Football Alliance.

He also runs the Ickey Woods Youth Foundation as well as the Jovante Woods Foundation, named for his son who died at age 16. Jovante was an honor student and a member of the Princeton High School football team who tragically suffered a fatal asthma attack.

Woods has six children. Since retiring from the NFL, he has been a sales representative for a meat company, sold security systems, and has owned a flooring store in Cincinnati.

Woods also has appeared in numerous television commercials. He appeared in a Cincinnati Bell commercial, doing the “Ickey Shuffle” with the company’s president and was in a national Oldsmobile commercial doing the “Ickey Shuffle” with his mother.

In 2014, Woods was featured in a classic GEICO Insurance commercial in which he reprised his “Ickey Shuffle” while purchasing cold cuts at a deli counter.

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