December 31, 2015

Good News and a Great Way To End The Year on a High Note:

Patriots 2001 Super Bowl Ring

Former Pats Player, Jimmy Farris, informed me that his stolen Super Bowl ring was found and recovered.

The thief tried to consign it to a Championship Ring Dealer, who is now sending the ring back directly to Jimmy.

The Jostens made 2001 Super Bowl ring was the Patriots first winning Super Bowl ring and Jimmy’s only one.

Looks like things worked out great for Jimmy and it’s thrilling (and unfortunately rare) that championship rings are returned to their rightful owners so quickly.

Great job to the ring dealer for doing his homework and then returning the ring to Jimmy.

Please remember, I buy championship rings so if you have a championship ring to sell, let’s talk!

Happy New Year everyone, enjoy New Years eve and stay safe.

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