December 29, 2015

It’s been a bad season for Peyton and Eli Manning, and this week things got worse.

Manning Brother Championship rings

Just a couple of seasons ago, Eli and Payton were on top of the world. Eli, a two-time Super Bowl winner and two-time Super Bowl MVP, seemed to have Tom Brady’s number.

And while Peyton, seemed to be more often on the losing side of his matches with Brady, Peyton was considered one of the top three quarterbacks in the history of pro football.

Together they have three Super Bowl rings (see them below). Things started to head south during Super Bowl 48, when Peyton had a bad game and the Broncos were handedly beaten by the Seahawks.

As a result of that game, it looks like Payton will wind up with one Super Bowl ring for his career (unless by some miracle, the Broncos win another championship).

If the Broncos do win a Super Bowl, and Peyton is the backup, will his last Super Bowl ring mean anything to him? He has already stated that his two AFC championship rings, from his two Super Bowl losing appearances, aren’t worn by him because he didn’t win those games (see them below).

And as I said earlier, this was a very tough week for the Manning brothers – Eli’s team was eliminated from the Playoff picture on Sunday afternoon, and then played very poorly against the Vikings. Worse, on the same day, allegations of HGH use was thrown at Peyton. Peyton has denied the allegation and is considering bringing a lawsuit against the news organization and author that broke the story.

If we have seen the end of the Manning championship rings, then here are all the rings they have won:

Peyton Manning Championship rings
Eli Manning Super Bowl rings

There will definitely be one more championship ring for Peyton and possibly for Eli too: The Pro Football Hall of Fame ring.

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