December 28, 2015

This great photo recently showed up on Twitter:

Ohio State Buckeyes Championship Rings

The two Ohio State 2014 championship rings shown above are real beauties.

Championship rings that show a team’s won/loss record so prominently on the top of the ring are extremely rare – I can’t think of another instance where a championship ring was designed to show off a team’s record in this manner.

I must say, I like it, and why not display their undefeated record?

What I don’t understand is that although the team went undefeated against the other teams in their Conference (they were 8-0), they finished with an overall record of 14-1 (their only loss was to Virginia Tech).

Keep in mind, both championship rings shown above are made of non gold, and with imitation diamonds. That means that the precious metal and gem stone value of the rings are quite low, perhaps in the $200 range, yet the rings are gorgeous and most importantly, are priceless to the players and staff that earned these championship rings.

I buy championship rings, so if it’s time to sell your championship ring, please get in touch with me.

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