December 24, 2015

Here’s Why The Author Got It All Wrong:

Five Worst Quarterbacks With Super Bowl Rings

As a super bowl ring collector, championship ring enthusiast, and huge football fan, it was inevitable that I would see this article, released over the internet this week.

I wish author John Buhler would have taken a different approach to his essay and made it more positive.

Perhaps the story would have been more interesting to me had it been “Five Quarterbacks Who Overcame Long Odds and Helped Their Team Secure a Super Bowl Ring”.

Searching the Internet, I see Buhler writes a lot about sports. I wonder if he ever played sports and I wonder if he ever played quarterback in organized football?

Did he stop and think what these five quarterbacks went through? Did he bother to imagine what it’s like to be chased around by top athletes on the defense who are trying to sack you and does he have any idea what a collision feels like? Would he have the guts to go through this week after week?

Did he wonder how much pain these quarterbacks are in on Monday morning after a tough game where the quarterback was hit numerous times?

Or how hard it is to go from High School to a College program and then be one of the few to make it to the NFL?

Has Buhler ever sat in meetings, hour after hour and prepared to play an opponent? Or spent the many necessary hours training? Has Buhler ever experienced a sports injury and one resulting from the devastating collisions only found in the NFL?

I’ve met a lot of athletes and it’s amazing how proud they are of their championship rings. Every player in the NFL wants a Super Bowl ring, and they work tirelessly to achieve this goal. It does not matter if they are the star of the team, or on the practice squad, or in Buhler’s mind a “worst quarterback” – they overcame long odds and worked tirelessly to get where they are.

Buhler missed the bus on this story, and that’s a shame.

Oh, and by the way, How many Super Bowl rings does Buhler have?

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