December 8, 2015

Look who showed up at the Winter Baseball Meetings – The Jostens Championship Ring Team:

Jostens championship rings

Baseball fans are keeping an eye and an ear on the Winter Baseball Meetings, going on now in Nashville.

According to (the official site of Minor League Baseball), here’s a rundown of the event:

The event is designed for Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, and affiliated parties and organizations. This marks the 114th annual meeting, and lasts for a week. The show is packed with seminars and league and organizational meetings.

For event is five days and some staffers get there early and leave later. Attending will be front office personnel, trade show exhibitors, and job seekers. During the week, a number of notable events fill the agenda, including the Baseball Trade Show; the PBEO Job Fair, presented by DeVry University; the Banquet; the Bob Freitas Business Seminar & Workshop Series; the Awards Luncheon; and of course the Gala.

My son, a college sports management major, is employed by the Pittsburgh Pirates, is attending the show and sent me the photo above. The picture shows two Jostens tables, filled with salesman sample championship rings and a great-looking banner showing off their championship rings, including the amazing Patriots 2014 Super Bowl ring.

My son, who I’m very envious of, because he is at the event and has actual meetings to attend, told me “There are tons of championship rings and World Series rings everywhere I look”. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.

I shouldn’t be surprised that Jostens is attending and displaying their championship rings, and ready to discuss designing and selling rings. Besides two championship rings for Major League Baseball (the winning team and losing team receive championship rings) there are tons of championship rings to be made for various minor league teams too.

Jostens has a lot of competition: Tiffany and Company has become a major player in championship rings, and when it comes to Major League Baseball, Balfour has produced many championship rings for the Yankees, Dodgers, and others.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so please let me know if you want to sell your Super Bowl ring, World Series ring, or Championship Ring.

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