November 19, 2015

The photo below is Charlie Sheen’s finger and he’s wearing the most valuable Championship Ring in Existence (if it’s authentic):

Babe Ruth 1927 Yankees World Series ring

Sheen has been in the news again this week, and as usual, for all the wrong reasons.

Sheen, is known for many things, but sports memorabilia enthusiasts know he has (or had) one of the most amazing collections of sports collectibles.

The photograph above was tweeted by him several years ago and he’s wearing a 1927 Babe Ruth World Series ring.

There is controversy if the championship ring Sheen has is original and authentic. If it is, it is worth millions of dollars and I can’t think of a more desirable championship ring that has ever been produced.

This would be Babe Ruth’s first World Series ring, as the Yankees gave out solid gold watches, not championship rings when they won their first World Series back in 1923.

Besides being the first World Series rings for Babe Ruth and teammate, Lou Gehrig, the 1927 Yankees team, is considered one of most dominant sports team in history (with a won-loss record of 110-44 that season).

Both the Ruth’s and Gehrig’s original 1927 World Series rings were supposedly owned by Barry Halper, the greatest sports memorabilia collector ever.

I use the word supposedly, because the condition of the championship ring shown on Sheen’s finger (which came from the Halper collection) looks to be excellent and in unworn condition. An 88 year old championship ring should not be in unworn condition so I really am not sure if that is Babe Ruth’s original 1927 World Series ring.

The internet site, Deadspin raised questions about the origins of that championship ring. Ruth’s granddaughter, Linda Ruth Tosetti, questioned the championship ring’s authenticity and whether it was stolen from her family many decades ago.

I wonder how she can question the authenticity of the World Series ring if she feels it was stolen from her family?

A book written by her mother, Dorothy Ruth Pirone, claimed that Babe Ruth’s World Series rings had mysteriously disappeared at some point after his passing in 1948. Adding to the confusion, were statements made by Barry Halper (now deceased), in 1990, that he purchased Ruth’s 1927 ring directly from Dorothy Ruth Pirone. Pirone’s daughter, Linda, has stated publicly that Halper’s story was a “huge lie.”

Anyway, as always, please remember, I buy old and recent championship rings, so please let me know if you have any championship rings you would like to sell.

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