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Jeff Bostic Shows Off His Three Super Bowl Rings

November 28, 2015

Bostic, a member of the Redskins for 14 seasons, helped his team win three championships as a player. Here’s a recent photo of him wearing those three championship rings:

Jeff Bostic Three Washington Redskins Super Bowl rings

Bostic had quite a football career:

He’s in Clemson University’s Hall of Fame and was won more Super Bowl rings than any other Clemson Tiger.

Bostic was also named one of the 70 greatest Redskins of all time and is in the Redskins Ring of fame.

He played in 184 pro football games and started 149 of them.

Remarkably, he joined the Redskins as an undrafted rookie in 1980.

In researching this story, I realized, with the short career of most NFL players, he must be one of a very few Redskin players to have participated in all three winning Super Bowls. I was not able to find how many of Bostic’s teammates were also awarded three super bowl rings as players, but I imagine it can’t be more than five.

From left to right, here’s a breakdown of his three Super Bowl rings shown above:

The ring on the left is the Redskins second Super Bowl ring from the 1987 season. The ring, designed and manufactured by Tiffany and company, is one of my least favorite championship rings, as the two Lombardi trophies are not nice looking. The ring is huge, weighing in at 50 grams. I realize 50 grams is small by today’s standards, but that championship ring, in person, appears quite large.

The middle ring is the Redskins third and final Super bowl ring, from the 1991 season. Also made by Tiffany and also weighing in at 50 grams, the championship ring is an improvement over the previous Super Bowl ring we discussed.

What I really admire about this Super Bowl ring are the two gorgeous shanks. One side has a great image of the team logo, and behind it are three Lombardi trophies with the Super Bowl roman numerals engraved in each trophy.

The other shank has a great close-up image of the White House, the phrase “Hail To The Redskins” and the winning score from Super Bowl XXVI.

If you wish to view this Super Bowl ring’s shanks, or any other Super Bowl ring and the accompanying presentation box, visit the home page of my championship ring website and click on the Super Bowl ring link at the top of the page.

The last Super Bowl ring, shown on the right, is the team’s first Championship ring from the Super Bowl era. This championship ring was earned for their title during the 1982 season and was made by Jostens. This Super Bowl ring is 47 grams.

Please remember, I buy Super Bowl rings, so if you have want to sell your Super Bowl ring, please let me know.

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Boston Celtic Great, Jo Jo White Selling His Championship Rings

November 27, 2015

Here’s a photograph of his three championship rings, available in an upcoming SCP auction:

Boston Celtics Jo Jo White Championship rings

Jo Jo White had quite an accomplished basketball career: He’s a Basketball Hall of Famer, 2-time NBA champion, NBA finals MVP, and the Celtics retired his number.

Now you can own some of the many valuable keepsakes he accumulated during his Hall of Fame career.

White is auctioning the championship ring he received when the Boston Celtics won the 2008 NBA title. While not a player on the 2008 team, his championship ring is extremely valuable; it’s rare that a championship ring of this caliber, size, and bling, becomes available.

Additionally, he is selling his 1974 and 1976 championship rings he earned as a player. Keep in mind these two player championship rings were given to him and are replacements when the originals were lost.

Typically replacement championship rings sell for less money as there is always a chance that the original championship rings could resurface at any time, plus collectors realize that replacements just don’t hold the same value as original championship rings.

Currently White is director of special projects in the team’s community relations department.

“We are extremely pleased to be offering many of Jo Jo’s coveted basketball heirlooms,” says David Kohler, president of SCP Auctions.

Other valuable items of White’s, that’s available in the auction include warm-up and game-used uniforms, White’s 1976 NBA Finals MVP digital wristwatch, two College All-American plaques from Kansas, his Kansas Sports Hall of Fame induction plaque, and his 1976 and 1977 NBA All-Star Game plaques.

A few years ago, another Celtic great, Robert Parish made headline news when he auctioned his 1981 NBA championship ring for $45,578.

Please remember that I buy championship rings. So if you have a championship ring to sell, let’s discuss it.

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Dexter Manley Gets His Super Bowl Ring Returned

November 26, 2015

Manley, was awarded two Super Bowl rings during his 11 year NFL career. His first, shown below, was in January 1983, when the Redskins beat the Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII:

Dexter Manley Super Bowl ring

“The ring means a lot, because there’s a lot of blood sweat and tears,” said Manley.

However, for Manley, that first Super Bowl ring symbolizes more than football success; it’s also a reminder of personal failure.

For over two decades, the power of cocaine got Dexter banned for life from the NFL. Worse, it landed him in and out of prison and in one of his darkest moments, took away his prized championship ring.

Dexter sold his first Super Bowl ring for $15,000, to a local pawn shop for money he used to buy drugs.

While Dexter’s drug troubles continued; his pal, John O’ Quinn became a guiding light.

Dexter’s wife, Lydia, explains why the two friends were so close: “John got Dexter. He really understood who he was, and really loved him for who he was, and appreciated who he was. He had appreciation for the things he had achieved, like many of us.”

Back in 1999, the two friends boarded an airplane, headed to Canton, Ohio. John did something that changed Dexter’s life forever.

John spent $15,000 to buy back Manley’s original Super Bowl ring and gave it back to Manley on the plane.

“It meant a lot to me and the fact that I hocked it, a lot of shame, very shameful. But there’s always other angels around, and John O’ Quinn was a good angel because he had wherewithal to make sure I get my ring back and I’m truly grateful.”

But Dexter, realizing difficult times were still ahead, had the gut feeling that he was not ready to hold onto his prized Super Bowl ring yet. Manley was worried it could get pawned again by him if he relapsed.

“I gave it back to him and said keep it for safe keeping. I wasn’t so sure. I still had another run in me.”

Honoring Manley’s request, John kept the ring for close to 10 years until he was tragically killed in a car accident in 2009. When Dexter called about the ring, the man in charge of O’ Quinn’s estate said he was only allowed to talk to Dexter’s wife about the championship ring.

“The condition for the ring was I had to have clean time to get this ring back. That was what John O’ Quinn requested. That’s what he put in the will,” said Manley.

Dexter Manley has turned his life around and has been off drugs for over nine years. He has his original Super Bowl ring back and it’s more than a symbol of football success, it also represents a rebirth, a renewed spirit and most important of all, his recovery.

“A lot of people don’t get this, don’t have it. Today, I do cherish it. I keep it in a safe deposit box. I was a young prize bull. Now I’m more experienced and more mature. I have bright future days in front of me from here on out. I don’t think there no more dark days. I know there’s no more dark days.”

Congratulations to Dexter Manley on his recovery. Let’s all pray his recovery continues and that he enjoys his Super Bowl ring the rest of his life.

Please note that I buy Super Bowl rings and championship rings. So if you have a championship ring that you are selling, please contact me.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Here’s the link, if you wish to see the video of this story:

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Supposed Stolen Super Bowl Ring – Update

November 25, 2015

Yesterday I reported about an attorney, who purchased a championship ring that turned out to be allegedly stolen. Here’s an update:

2011 AFC Championship Ring

The story of the stolen Super Bowl ring appeared on the internet this week, so I reported on it. Unfortunately some of the details reported on the internet and regurgitated by me was not totally accurate.

I apologize for this, I should have realized a few of the items being reported could not be correct.

First off, the championship ring that was reported as stolen, and then sold, was not a Super Bowl XXXVI winning ring as was reported on the internet. Brandon Spikes, the player who was awarded the championship ring in question, is 28 years old, and would have been 14 years old when that championship game was played.

Next, knowing the dealer who is being sued, the prices he sells championship rings for are notoriously expensive. Some championship ring collectors are of the opinion that his prices are ridiculously high.

Tim Robins, the dealer who sold Rhode Island attorney, Ronald Resmini, the championship ring, gets more than double the $14,690.00 price Resmini claims he paid, when Robins sells a player’s winning super bowl ring.

I should have realized when writing my championship blog yesterday, that the championship ring that was sold to Resmini, could not have been a winning Super Bowl ring and certainly not the patriots Super Bowl XXXVI ring.

I did some research and discovered that the championship ring purchased by Resmini, was in fact the Patriots 2011 AFC Championship ring. When a team loses a Super Bowl, the players and staff receive a championship ring, celebrating their AFC or NFC championship.

The championship ring pictured above, is Brandon Spikes 2011 championship ring, and the photograph was taken by an ebay seller and then sold on eBay.

The seller clearly mentioned Spikes name and even showed a certificate or appraisal document.

The document was whited out in it’s ebay picture, thereby obscuring the name of the person or company that issued it. It’s widely believed by championship ring enthusiasts I spoke with to have been issued by Tim Robins.

This ebay auction may have been how Spikes learned the ring was for sale and he allegedly contacted police and forced Resmini to return the championship ring.

As reported yesterday, Resmini paid $14,690 for the Super Bowl ring only after assured him that it had checked out the seller of the championship ring’s story and affirmed its validity.

Resmini, after he surrendered the Super Bowl ring to authorities contacted Tim Robins, owner of and claims that neither nor Robins have refunded his money.

Representing himself, Resmini not only seeks the original amount he paid for the championship ring, but is also suing for punitive damages for fraud.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so if you have one that was obtained with paperwork, or you are the original owner, let’s talk about selling your championship ring.

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Supposed Stolen Super Bowl Ring Leads to Lawsuit

November 24, 2015

A Rhode Island attorney, and a New England Patriots fan, claims in court that he paid more than $14,000 for a Super Bowl championship ring that later turned out to be stolen from New England Patriots player Brandon Spikes.

Patriots Super Bowl XXXVI ring

Spikes, a 28-year-old linebacker, thought he lost the championship ring awarded to him after the 2001 Super Bowl XXXVI. However, now Spikes believes the Super Bowl ring was stolen, according to the complaint filed last week in Providence County Superior Court.

Ronald Resmini, the buyer of this championship ring, filed the complaint against the website that sold him the diamond-studded, 14-carat white gold ring. The website is,  and its principal, is Timothy Robins.

When posted the Super Bowl ring for sale, it claimed to have come into the ring because Spikes had given it to a moving company in exchange for its services, the compliant states.

Yet Resmini notes that the seller was not the moving company, but actually one of its employees.

Resmini says he paid $14,690 for the Super Bowl ring only after assured him that it had checked out the employee’s story to affirm its validity.

Spikes called the police when he saw that Resmini was trying to sell his Super Bowl ring. Spikes provided receipts that showed he paid for his $4,381.85 moving expenses with money, not the championship ring, according to the complaint.

Resmini had no choice but to surrender the Super Bowl ring when the authorities contacted him, and he claims that neither nor Robins have refunded his money.

Representing himself, Resmini seeks punitive damages for fraud.

Spikes who has had legal and financial issues, is on probation after pleading guilty over the summer to a hit-and-run crash in Massachusetts that injured three people, ESPN said.

Please remember, when buying a championship ring it’s vital to make sure you have paperwork from the original owner, otherwise you could wind up in a similar situation.

I buy championship rings (with solid paperwork) so if you have one to sell, please let me know.

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