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The Championship Rings of the New York Mets

October 26, 2015

The Mets are winners of four championship rings, and now, no matter how the World Series goes, will be receiving a fifth ring:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)New York Mets World Series Rings

Pictured above, from left to right:

The Mets 1969 World Series ring, the 1973 National League Championship ring, the 1986 World Series Ring and the 2000 National League Championship ring.

The 1969 ring was a large ring, as you can see slightly larger than the 1986 championship ring, and it dwarfs the 1973 ring next to it.

The 1969 championship ring was made by Jostens in 14K gold (many front office rings and some players who had rings remade, had them done in 10K gold.)

The 1973 ring is one of the smallest MLB championship rings I have seen or owned. The ring was made by Balfour in 10K solid gold, and my player ring, weighs a puny 26 grams. Modern World Series rings are about three times as large and heavy now. To match the puny size, little diamond chips (it would be unfair to call them diamonds) are sprinkled on the baseball. I like the fact that the baseball on top of the championship ring has bold red color baseball stitching and diamond chips. It creates a very nice and unique look.

The next item, is the Mets 1986 World Series ring. It’s a nice looking ring, with a center diamond and 24 small diamonds that circle the ring top. The 24 diamonds stand for the team’s 24 years in existence at the time the World Series ring was made. The ring was made by Balfour in 10K gold.

If you look closely, you can see the oxidation issue I wrote about yesterday.

The ring on the right is a player’s 2000 National League ring, made in 10K yellow gold. The ring is 10K and weighs 35 grams. I have always found this ring to be attractive and I’m surprised that there are perpetually two or three of these rings continually offered on ebay.

There are a few versions of this championship ring out there, some front office personal received worthless imitation diamonds, while the players and some in the organization received real diamonds. Also, some of the rings were made of non gold and others solid gold.

The real puzzling thing about the player’s version, is that I believe most or all were made in 10K gold. However, I’ve seen one or two player rings that were made in 14K gold. How could this be? Perhaps the players had 2nd rings made, and got the choice to upgrade the gold content?

It’s no secret that due to the Bernard Madoff financial disaster the Mets are going through, they’ve become a very cheap organization. It will be interesting to see how this translates into front office rings and player rings. Will the origination go cheap and offer very little bling for staff? Will the player championship rings be insultingly small or will the team come around and realize this is a very rare opportunity to add a special fifth championship ring to the history of the organization?

Time will tell.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so please let me know if we should talk about you selling your championship ring.

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Who Will Get The Next World Series Ring?

October 25, 2015

As we prepare for another Fall Classic, either the Royals or Mets will be adding a new World Series ring to their collection:

Mets and Royals World Series Rings

Pictured above is the last World Series rings both franchisees were awarded. Unlike the Yankees or Cardinals, neither the Mets or Royals have a lot of championship rings. Perhaps that factor will make the upcoming World Series ring that much more special.

Let’s take a look at the each team and detail the World Series rings shown above:

The Royals ring (shown on the left) is from the team’s only World Championship, from 1985. The championship ring was made by Balfour in 10K gold.

Brett Saberhagen, that year’s World Series MVP, sold his ring back in 2013, through SCP. It sold for an impressive $73.409.

The Royals appeared in last year’s World Series, losing a tight game 7 to the San Francisco Giants. The losing team of the World Series is awarded either an American or National League championship ring, and the Royals 2014 American League Championship ring was quite impressive.

If you would like to learn more about their 2014 American League Championship ring and see pictures, please use the search tools, located on the right side of this blog.

The Royals also have a 1980 American League Championship ring, with a rare distinction of being one of the very rare few MLB championship rings without any diamonds on the ring.

The Mets haven’t faired much better in collecting championship rings.

The ring pictured above on the right, was also made by Balfour in 10K yellow gold. As it followed the Royals World Series ring by only a single year, you can see many similarities between the two championship rings.

A surprising fact about the Mets 1986 World Series ring is that many (or most) of the World Series rings from that year have an oxidation issue. The blue sapphire stone turns some funky colors over the years, when exposed to water – either by being caught in the rain, or perhaps when the wearer is washing their hands.

You can see some of the oxidation issues above, especially on the right side of the blue stone, although many of the Mets 1986 World Series rings suffer from much more oxidation issues.

The Mets have won two World Series rings (1969 and 1986) and have two National League Championship rings too (1973, 2000). I plan on showcasing those championship rings in a day or two.

Please remember, I buy championship rings all the time, so please let me know if you would like to sell any rings.

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The Championship Rings From Super Bowl XXIX

October 23, 2015

Continuing my blog writings on championship rings from each Super Bowl, here’s the next one: a look at the championship rings from Super Bowl XXIX.

Super Bowl XXIX rings

I’m sorry that the dazzling championship rings displayed shows my web address.   It’s not done for self promotion….

If I didn’t do this, other web sites would “misuse” my images, especially the sellers on ebay, who appear over-night and offer cheap championship rings from China.   Championship ring collectors wonder why Jostens, Balfour, and Tiffany allow this crime!   I wonder too, and It appears that no one has an answer as to why these offerings continue, and it’s a shame (or perhaps an opportunity for championship ring fans depending upon their perspective).

The replicas don’t look as amazing as authentic championship rings, and the quality varies tremendously from vendor to vendor.   These sellers display photos of real championship rings and then have the “balls” to claim the pictures are of their very own replica championship rings!

Almost every photograph in my superbowl ring blogs are taken by me, from my own championship ring collection.   As readers and collectors can appreciate, these championship rings are quite rare and only a few championship rings are available for sale in the hobby.   That means specific Super Bowl rings are seldom (if ever) photographed together from a particular Super Bowl game.

When I do post pictures are found on the ‘net, I won’t place my web-site in the image.

The ring on the left is the Forty Niners Super Bowl Ring from their 1994 season.   This ring was designed and manufactured by Balfour in 10K solid yellow gold.   I’m not sure if this Super Bowl ring set records as the largest ring ever, I can tell you it may have had the most bling. It’s a gorgeous championship ring and loaded with diamonds, including five huge marquis diamonds – each commemorating a Forty Niners Super Bowl championship.

Not only is the championship ring made of solid gold, the gorgeous top of the ring contains white platinum, shown above on the base of the Lombardi trophies.

While this was the Forty Niners (then a record) fifth Super Bowl ring, no one knew at the time the team would enter a Super Bowl drought and not be back in the title game for almost two decades and the organization to this day, is still waiting for their next Super Bowl ring.

The championship ring weighs approximately 52 grams.   Auction results for this Super Bowl ring are sparse – although a few have sold privately. A player’s ring sold in 2012 at SCP auctions for $28,255.00.

A Super Bowl ring belonging to RC Owens sold at Goldin Auctions in early 2014 for $38,281.50. Owens was a legendary player and long retired but working in the front office when we was awarded this Super Bowl ring.

The team that loses the Super Bowl is recognized as a champion of their respective conference.   The San Diego Chargers 1994 AFC championship ring, shown above, is so-so. You really can’t say it’s dazzling or a beauty, but it is the only Chargers championship ring from the modern Super Bowl era.

The Chargers AFC championship ring weighs in at 41-42 grams and contains some pretty small diamonds.

Only one players ring has sold publicly, back in 2008 by Leland’s. That championship ring sold for $10,982.05.

The Chargers AFC championship ring was designed and made by Jostens in solid yellow 10K gold.

Please always remember, I want to buy super bowl rings (winning and losing ones) and I also purchase championship rings too.   Please let me know if you have a championship ring you want to sell!

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Championship Ring Returned to Family Decades After Lost

October 21, 2015

A high school football championship ring, lost for more than 30 years, is now back in the hands of its rightful owners.

Football Championship Ring

David Rogers found the championship ring back in 1985. Rogers tried to do the right thing and return it but was not able to find the rightful owner.

“I couldn’t find him at all, so I put it away–figured I’d find him later,” Rogers said.

Thirty years later, thanks to social media and Facebook, the championship ring was returned.

Rogers posted pictures of the football championship ring to Facebook and asked for help.

The original championship ring owner’s daughter, saw that post and reached out to WMC Action News 5.

The championship ring belonged to Billy Pugh, and his son, who still lives in the area stopped by the WMC Action News 5 studios to meet Rogers and reclaim the ring.

“It is just amazing that someone would find it and keep it that long and then reach out and try to find the rightful owners,” Kris Pugh said. “It shows there are still some good people in this world.”

Pugh said that sadly, his father passed away in 1988 after an amazing coaching career for several schools in the Mid-South.

Now, thanks to social media and Facebook, a championship ring from Billy Pugh’s career is back with his family after more than 30 years missing.

Please remember, I buy championship rings. Please let me know if you want to sell your championship ring.

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This Super Bowl Ring Came By Special Delivery

October 20, 2015

This story about being awarded a championship ring warmed my heart – and perhaps gives hope to team employees behind the scenes.

New York Giants Super Bowl Ring

Rob Hochman studied sports management at Seton Hall University.

Like many who take up that major, his career in sports covered many gigs, including being a writer and promoter for World Wrestling Entertainment [WWE], a venue manager for Ted Turner’s Goodwill Games – and as a public relations employee with the New York Giants.

When Hochman was a college student at Seton Hall, he started working in the Arena Football League for a team in New Jersey called the Red Dogs. He went on to work for the New York Giants for seven years.

He received an NFC championship ring from the Giants’ victory over the Vikings in 2000, (they went on to lose to the Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV) but by the time he left the organization to work with the WWE, he felt a bit shortchanged.

Like many of us championship ring collectors, he knew in his heart that “All I ever wanted was a Super Bowl ring,” he said.

But Pat Hanlon, his boss with the Giants, promised him that if the team ever won a Super Bowl, he would make sure Hochman got a Super Bowl ring.

As fate would have it, the Giants shocked the world in 2008 when they beat the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. And as we all know, a Super Bowl title means huge beautiful Super Bowl rings won’t be far behind.

Hanlon called Hochman and told him to go to a jeweler and get sized for a ring, which he did. But when he didn’t hear from Hanlon for months, he thought the idea of getting a Super Bowl ring wasn’t going to happen.

Then one morning, when Hochman was feeling the effects of a late night on the town, there was a knock at his door…

“The police came down my street with a FedEx truck,” he said. “I am half dead from the night before, and they are pounding on the door and the dogs are going nuts. I finally walk down the stairs and open the door, about ready to tell this FedEx guy where he could go.”

“However, before that occurred, the Fed Ex driver asked ‘are you Robert Hochman?’ I said yes. He said, ‘Congratulations – you are a Super Bowl Champion.’”

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so if you have one to sell, please let me know.

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