October 30, 2015

The Golden State Warriors are celebrating the awarding of their magnificent championship rings this week. Fans and collectors alike want to know how these championship rings compare to the other 2015 Championship Rings:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)2015 Championship Rings

Please note the photograph below is a compilation of photos, the four championship rings were not photographed together, so it’s not possible from the picture to determine which of the four latest professional championship rings is the largest ring.

Keep in mind, that each of these championship rings, are huge and now have grown to the point where they are each uncomfortable (if not impossible) to wear.

According to the Golden State Warriors, their championship rings consist of six carats of diamonds and sapphires, 90 grams of 14-karat gold (with the top of the ring made of 67 percent gold), 16 princess stones on the top of the ring and 240 stones.

If you want to know why it’s made of 67 percent gold, please visit my championship ring blog from earlier in the week.

So, how do the Warriors’ new championship rings compare to the ones awarded to the New England Patriots, San Francisco Giants and Chicago Blackhawks?

When presented to the team, the Patriots billed their Super Bowl rings as the “largest Super Bowl ring ever made.” It features 205 sparkling real diamonds, including the teams logo, surrounded by 44 diamonds, with the words “World” and “Champions” located on each side of the top. A group of 143 diamonds, the team said, “creates a spectacular sparkling effect, highlighting the four large Lombardi Trophies, cast with marquee-cut diamonds.”

The Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley cup championship rings were perhaps a little more low-key, and definitely contains less color than the other three major championship rings.

Meanwhile, the Giants World Series ring, like the Warriors championship ring, incorporates traditional gold colored metal to help balance out the look of their rings.

Sadly, we will probably never have the chance to line up the four championship rings and photograph them together. That might be the only way to once and for all, see which ring is the biggest/baddest championship ring of them all. Keep in mind that due to gold content and hollowing out the inside of the rings, you can not tell which ring is physically larger by using the total gram weight of the rings.

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