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The World Series Rings of the New York Mets

October 31, 2015

As the Mets breathe new life into the World Series, now’s a great time to look at their winning championship rings:

New York Mets World Series Rings

Unlike their cross-town rivals, the New York Yankees, the Mets don’t have dozens of World Series winning rings, they have just two.

But loyal Mets fans and championship ring enthusiasts don’t care about the lack of championship rings, they love the two that have been awarded. And hopefully a third championship rings is on the way.

Let’s take a look at the two World Series Rings.

The ring on the left is a player ring from the 1969 World Series. The player’s World Series rings were originally manufactured in 14K solid yellow gold by Jostens. They weighed in around 43-44 grams and are visually quite large.

Many staff rings and some championship rings made later on for players were in 10K solid gold. The ring is a classic old-style championship ring and one side contains the Mets famous, baseball logo with the buildings and bridge and baseball stitching, and the other side contains a beautiful and detailed image of Shea stadium.

The Mets 1986 World Series ring was made by Balfour in solid 10K yellow gold. The ring is similar in size to the 1969 ring and similar in style. The rings shanks have the Mets 25th anniversary logo and an image of the Baseball World Series trophy on the other side. The championship ring also highlights the team’s 116 wins.

Lenny Dykstra, a player from the 1986 team, had all kinds of financial difficulties, lost his ring to creditors. His 1986 World Series ring sold at a Heritage auction in 2009 for $56,762.50.

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Who has the most bling: The Warriors, Patriots, S.F. Giants or Blackhawks?

October 30, 2015

The Golden State Warriors are celebrating the awarding of their magnificent championship rings this week. Fans and collectors alike want to know how these championship rings compare to the other 2015 Championship Rings:

(Click picture below for a larger picture)2015 Championship Rings

Please note the photograph below is a compilation of photos, the four championship rings were not photographed together, so it’s not possible from the picture to determine which of the four latest professional championship rings is the largest ring.

Keep in mind, that each of these championship rings, are huge and now have grown to the point where they are each uncomfortable (if not impossible) to wear.

According to the Golden State Warriors, their championship rings consist of six carats of diamonds and sapphires, 90 grams of 14-karat gold (with the top of the ring made of 67 percent gold), 16 princess stones on the top of the ring and 240 stones.

If you want to know why it’s made of 67 percent gold, please visit my championship ring blog from earlier in the week.

So, how do the Warriors’ new championship rings compare to the ones awarded to the New England Patriots, San Francisco Giants and Chicago Blackhawks?

When presented to the team, the Patriots billed their Super Bowl rings as the “largest Super Bowl ring ever made.” It features 205 sparkling real diamonds, including the teams logo, surrounded by 44 diamonds, with the words “World” and “Champions” located on each side of the top. A group of 143 diamonds, the team said, “creates a spectacular sparkling effect, highlighting the four large Lombardi Trophies, cast with marquee-cut diamonds.”

The Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley cup championship rings were perhaps a little more low-key, and definitely contains less color than the other three major championship rings.

Meanwhile, the Giants World Series ring, like the Warriors championship ring, incorporates traditional gold colored metal to help balance out the look of their rings.

Sadly, we will probably never have the chance to line up the four championship rings and photograph them together. That might be the only way to once and for all, see which ring is the biggest/baddest championship ring of them all. Keep in mind that due to gold content and hollowing out the inside of the rings, you can not tell which ring is physically larger by using the total gram weight of the rings.

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Jim Brown Finally Gets His 1964 Championship Ring Back After Almost 50 Years

October 29, 2015

Here’s Jim Brown’s 1964 Championship Ring, now back with it’s rightful owner:

Jim Brown 1964 Championship Ring

Back when this championship ring was designed and created, and stolen from Jim Brown, the very first Super Bowl hadn’t even been played.

On Wednesday, Brown officially got his lone championship ring back.

According to the Associated Press, Brown reached a settlement with the sports memorabilia dealer, Lelands. Lelands had his 1964 Cleveland Browns championship ring.

Brown had sued the dealer for its return. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed other than noting that championship ring was returned, which seems to be all Brown wanted.

“Symbolically, I don’t keep a lot of trophies. But that ring was special,” Brown said, according to AP. “It wasn’t me the star. It was all of us.”

Many consider Brown to be the greatest player in history of pro football. He earned the championship ring when the Browns beat the Baltimore Colts 27-0 in the title game back to conclude the 1964 season.

As many fans and residents of Cleveland can tell you, this was Cleveland’s last pro sports title.

The 1964 title was Brown’s only pro championship, meaning this is his only professional championship ring.

Brown retired after the 1965 season. During his nine season NFL career, he lead the league in rushing eight times and was first-team All-Pro eight times. For all his individual greatness, the ring symbolized his greatest team accomplishment.

Brown claims that the ring was stolen from his Cleveland home in 1966, and decades later a dealer ended up with it. Now it has been returned to its rightful owner. Brown told the AP he plans to give the ring to one of his children, perhaps for Christmas.

I’m wondering, if you have more than one child, how in the world do you decide which child to give it to?

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The Making of the Warriors’ New Championship Rings

October 28, 2015

The Warriors debuted their championship rings at Oracle Arena before the start of their basketball season: Here it is:

Warriors 2015 Championship Rings

As the lights dimmed, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver took the microphone, and co-owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber were the first to receive their championship rings.

Next was team President Rick Welts, general manager Bob Myers, consultant Jerry West and assistant general managers Travis Schlenk and Kirk Lacob, followed by assistant coaches Luke Walton, Ron Adams, Jarron Collins, Bruce Fraser and Alvin Gentry, who ironically was there as the Pelicans’ new head coach.

After the players received their championship rings, Curry told the crowd, “This is an unbelievable night for all of us players, for everybody in the organization, the coaching staff, the front office and especially you guys, who supported us every single night. We wouldn’t have done it without you.”

The team designed the championship rings with a lot of input from Lacob, Guber, Curry, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala, among others. Like a well-played ballgame, this jewelry tells a story, even harboring a secret or two. And there won’t be many of them.

Here are some of the features of the new championship rings:

• The rings contain more than 6 carats of diamonds and sapphires, and more than 90 grams of 14-karat gold.

• The numbers 1975 and 2015 are on the championship rings, representing the team’s NBA championship years in the Bay Area.

• A total of 240 precious stones are set in the ring, reflecting the 240 Warriors victories since the Lacob-Guber ownership group took over.

• As is customary on championship rings, the player’s last name and uniform number are prominently displayed on the rings.

• There are sixteen princess stones on the top of the ring to represent that are there to represent 16 victories during last year’s postseason.

• Here’s something new for a championship ring – To authenticate this championship ring (in case any copies that might appear later on): Each player’s ring has four fluorescent diamonds, visible only under black light and thus requiring a certain device for illumination. That number symbolizes the four championships the Warriors have won in their history, including the 1946-47 and 1955-56 seasons in Philadelphia.

• Last, each championship ring comes with a presentation box in which the ring can spin slowly on a motorized turntable, illuminated by built-in lights.

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Wait To You Hear What Happened to the Mets PR Manager’s 1986 World Series Ring

October 27, 2015

Everyone knows the Mets have been cheap the last few seasons, but the story below takes the cake:

New York Mets 1986 World Series Ring

Jay Horwitz, the long time New York Mets Vice President of Public Relations and Mets third base coach Tim Teufel, the second baseman on the 1986 World Series winning team, are the select group among the club’s traveling party to own a 1986 Mets World Series ring.

Apparently, Jay hasn’t been able to wear his World Series ring recently.

I just learned that Horwitz’s 1986 World Series ring is showcased in the Mets Hall of Fame, located at Citi Field.

Want to know why it’s on display there? It’s because the Mets needed a representative championship ring for their museum.

Horwitz stated that the World Series ring is not showcased because of anything special he did.

Reading between the lines, the Mets were possibly too cheap to order a new ring from the original maker of this championship ring – Balfour.

I’m sure Balfour would accommodate the Mets and produce a shiny new World Series ring for the museum. These requests are made and accommodated all the time for normal functioning sports organizations.

I hope the Mets do the correct thing and someday soon return to Horwitz his original 1986 Mets World Series ring.

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