September 30, 2015

Once a championship ring is acquired by collectors, it’s imperative that they’re extremely careful with them; otherwise down the road, they could look like this:

broken championship rings

Earlier this week I received a frantic phone call from a Super Bowl ring collector. He must be a big-time Packers fan too, he owns a Super Bowl II ring and a Super Bowl XXXI ring (both Packer rings) in his collection.

He just dropped his Super Bowl II ring and badly cracked the Green sapphire stone that holds the iconic three large diamonds on top of the championship ring.

It’s a lot easier to crack these tops than you would think – a drop from just 2 to 4 feet can do it. See the ring above and the zoom-in shot below for what a cracked and chipped ring looks like:

cracked championship rings

He asked what his options were and sadly, there are few good options. In the old days, Jostens and Balfour would take the ring and repair it, making the championship ring look as good as new. Both companies, now inundated with championship ring collector repair requests, refuse to fix championship rings unless they come from the original owner or his (or her) immediate family.

A local jeweler with experience, can remake the stone, however it will never look exactly the same, or have the same curved shape. Furthermore, good luck trying to match the color if your team’s official colors are not black.

Championship rings are very delicate – and it’s not just drops that cause damage. Many times, the sapphire or onyx stones get chipped, or small diamonds fall out, larger diamonds can crack, and never, ever, put your ring in an ultra-sonic cleaning machine (unless you don’t like the shanks colored enamel). Ultra-sonic machines tend to ruin the enamel coloring on the rings.

The championship ring collector who called me also mentioned that the gold and diamond “G” in his Super Bowl XXXI ring was heavily damaged.

Last, never have your championship ring polished by a jeweler. This will make the ring look nice and bright, however, the championship ring will be reduced by 1-4 grams of solid gold each time the ring is polished. Did you know that many jewelers save their gold dust from the polishings and then resell it?

If you must have your ring polished, you can do it yourself using a light cloth or request that your jeweler use a light cloth. This will improve the appearance of the championship ring while maintaining just about all the gold on the ring.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so keep that in mind and call me if you would like to discuss selling your championship ring.

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