September 29, 2015

This photo on Twitter caught my eye recently; besides the great looking girls showing off their new championship rings, the photo highlights a growing trend:

ATU Championship Rings

In the old days (say before 2012), women’s championship rings tended to be small, girlie-like distant cousins of the magnificent men’s championship rings that we have all seen and marveled at.

Well those days are becoming more and more a thing of the past. Women’s championship rings are now made with as much bling as the men’s versions – as evidenced in the above picture.

Just keep in mind that both Men and Women’s collegiate championship rings are made of non-gold and inexpensive diamonds.

These beauties are showing off their ATU Volleyball championship rings. ATU stands for Arkansas Tech University and their volley ball team is a dominant force – having appeared in four straight finals in the Great American Conference. These girls won last year’s title game and received these championship rings.

Congratulations to the team on their title and beautiful championship rings. It’s a great tend that woman are getting nice big championship rings too!

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