September 28, 2015

Special thanks to “Dralec”, a contributor on the championship ring thread at He broke some great new on the forum recently about these rings:

Pro Football Hall of Fame Ring

Dralec, wrote, “remember some times back pro football HOF produced pretty good looking new rings via Kay Jewelers?   Every player will receive new rings, wife of deceased players get pendants. Classy act. Ring look real sharp and are pretty good size.”

Here’s how this championship ring replacement story begins:

Kay Jewelers, known for their many stores in the U.S., predominately found at local shopping malls, redesigned the championship ring styled Hall of Fame ring awarded to new inductees in 2013.

The championship ring is an upgrade to the previous version – both larger and with more bling.

From their website, Kay Jewelers posted”

The Kay® Jewelers Ring of Excellence contains a total diamond weight of 1 ¾ carats with outer diamonds that create a stadium effect surrounding a football shaped diamond center. The stunning ring celebrates the achievements of the select few whose professional football careers have been deemed worthy of admittance into the elite fraternity of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, while also recognizing each unique story. The customized ring design honors each Hall of Famer’s career through intricate detail and state-of-the-art craftsmanship, featuring a likeness of the inductee’s bust, along with his position and years in the league on one side, while his name, the Pro Football Hall of Fame logo and his enshrinement class is included on the other.

So in a very nice gesture, Kay Jewelers and the Pro Football Hall of fame will present past inductees with the brand new, gorgeous championship rings. And as Dralec stated above, the wives of deceased players will get matching pendants.

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