September 25, 2015

Chris Gomez, a 15 major league baseball veteran, doesn’t know how his NLCS championship ring disappeared; and no one seems to know who returned it, either:

San Diego Padres 1998 National League Championship Ring

While this is a great feel-good story, keep in mind, Gomez’s other championship rings are still missing.

Gomez was a member of the San Diego Padres team that went to the World Series in 1998 and was beaten by the New York Yankees.

The championship ring was returned to him this week when someone dropped it off at the sheriff’s station in his hometown of Lakewood, California.

Gomez realized the championship ring was missing a couple of weeks ago, according to the local sheriff, Keith Swenson.

An unidentified person dropped the championship ring off early Sunday at the Lakewood Station and then left before officers were able to speak with him, Swenson said.

Deputies immediately began trying to determine the rightful owner. As us championship ring enthusiasts know, the recipient’s last name appears on the ring. As a result of this, combined with an internet search, determined that Gomez — a former local High School baseball star, who was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 1992 — might be their man.

Additionally, the police probably realized through the internet search that Gomez was on that 1998 Padre team.

Detective Theo Gekas located Gomez, who didn’t know the circumstances of the championship ring’s disappearance.

Gomez informed the Detective that he had two more championship rings missing, one from 1987 (a Lakewood High School baseball championship, and the other from 1990, a Loyola Marymount University baseball title), Swenson said.

“He is hopeful his other two rings will be returned to him, for their sentimental value,” Swenson said.

Anyone with information about the missing championship rings is requested to contact Detective Gekas at (562) 623-3657.

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