September 24, 2015

Former Michigan State Head Football Coach George Perles just wants his championship rings back.

Michigan State University championship rings

“There’s a lot of sentimental value in there, that only my wife and I could appreciate,” he said. Perles ways says when he went to the MSU versus Oregon football game last Saturday someone broke in and stole 14 championship rings and a bracelet that commemorated his bowl game wins.

“They mean a lot,” Perles said. “They represent your whole career.”

He says he believes that the thief or thieves only targeted the championship rings because everything else in the house was untouched. They passed up electronics, money, and other valuable items. But Perles says the championship rings they stole probably aren’t the rings they wanted.

“My closet in my bedroom was turned upside down looking for everything they could find. But what I think they were after were this,” he said, pointing to the ring on his hand. “Superbowl rings.”

He keeps the four Super Bowl rings he won as a Pittsburgh Steelers coach in a safe deposit box (except for the one he wears).

Perles says his name is on all of his championship rings, so whoever stole them will have trouble selling them.

He has requested that whoever took the rings just give them back.

Anyone with information about the crime should contact Meridian Michigan Township Police.

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