August 3, 2015

Both Ailing Grandfather and Grandson Have Super Bowl Rings.

Super Bowl rings ni the Bolden Family

As a wide receiver with the Kansas City Chiefs, Frank Pitts earned two Championship rings – one with the team that lost the first Super Bowl (he was awarded what was then called an AFL championship ring) and the other for the Chief’s 23-7 upset victory over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV.

Last month, his grandson, Brandon Bolden earned a Super Bowl ring too.

“Growing up, I used to put the (championship) ring on,” said Patriots running back and special team player Brandon Bolden. He added “It was like, I’ll never get this because I didn’t play football. Now I have one, so I’m excited.”

The ring Bolden was awarded as a member of the Patriots team that defeated the Seattle Seahawks, 28-24, allowed for some role reversal when he showed it to his grandfather, now 71 and sadly, battling dementia.

“He put my ring on and he had it on for like 15 minutes and I just sat there,” said Bolden. “I was waiting there to get my ring back and I never got it back. So he pretty much kept it the first 20 minutes he had it, then he finally gave it back to me and my grandmother went to the back and got his two Super Bowl rings and came in and we just started comparing them, had good family time.”

The comparison? The difference in the size of the rings is dramatic, with the latest Patriots ring being two to three times the size of the old-time championship rings.

“Ours is a lot bigger than theirs,” said Bolden. “You’ve got to think, what, 1969 to 2015 is a big difference.”

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