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George Steinbrenner Yankee World Series Rings No Longer on Display

June 23, 2015

On my first visit to Yankee stadium this season, my first stop is always to the amazing Yankee museum located on the second floor.   I see that a fan-favorite exhibit was no longer there:

George Steinbrenner Yankee World Series Rings

The rings above were George Steinbrenner’s personal collection of Yankee World Series rings.

I always found it strange that every single World Series ring and every American League Championship series ring (awarded when a team looses in the World Series) was on exhibit except for the 1981 Yankee Championship ring.   In 1981 the Yankees lost in six games to the Los Angles Dodgers in the World Series.

For those who are not familiar with that Yankee championship ring, the top, is exactly the same as the 1976 American League Championship ring shown above.

Perhaps the ring was lost or misplaced.

For Championship ring enthusiasts, there are still some popular attractions at the museum.   Balfour, maker of every single Yankee championship ring after they replaced original manufacturer Dieges & Clust in the late 1940s, recreated every single Yankee World Series ring for the museum.

Balfour, even reproduced the championship watch from 1923 and has it on display. This is the only time the Yankees won a World Series and were not presented with a championship ring.

An interesting note: many fake Yankee rings from 1949, and apparently, the authentic Balfour salesman sample on display at the museum, have the completely wrong shank. Balfour no longer has the original mold or a copy of that shank, so they use the more standard generic shank that evolved in the 1950s on the 1949 World Series ring.

Later this week, I will show you the really cool championship ring that was added this year to the museum exhibit, and if you are like me, you have probably never seen this championship ring before!

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Super Bowl Ring Humor

June 22, 2015

Last week, this funny photo circulated on Twitter, shortly before Patriot’s Owner Robert Kraft had his huge Super Bowl Ring presentation party:

Super Bowl ring humor

Just to recap the details:

Unlike previous Super Bowl ring presentation ceremonies, this event was not announced weeks before the scheduled date.

I thought, perhaps this meant that Kraft and the Patriots would keep the event low-key since the media and NFL fans were upset by the team’s second cheating scandal.

Boy was I wrong, the Super Bowl ring party turned out to be a mega event; where no expense was spared to make it a huge and lavish party.

I also thought that perhaps the 2014 Super Bowl ring would be smaller, and contain less bling since Kraft and company seemed to have taken over the Raider’s old identity as the “outlaws” of the NFL.

Wrong again!   The Super Bowl rings were huge, and physically, the largest Championship Rings ever produced by an NFL team.

It’s no secret that Kraft and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell are no longer on best of terms like the old days.   Kraft was furious at the penalties invoked by Goodell and the NFL for Deflategate.   Kraft decided not to fight the team’s punishment, although Tom Brady is seeking a reduction of his four game suspension.

This photo, that appeared on Twitter shortly before the championship ring party, pokes fun of Kraft’s and Goodell’s strained relationship.

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Final Thoughts on the Patriots Latest Super Bowl Ring

June 20, 2015

It’s been almost a week since the New England Patriots received their amazing Super Bowl XLIX rings. Here’s the latest tidbits uncovered:

New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Ring

This will be my last post about the Patriots newest Super Bowl ring until I own one or one hits the news or auction circuit.

I covered the ring extensively this week, and uncovered and shared almost every detail of the ring.

Shown above are two photographs that nicely detail how much bigger the new Super Bowl XLIX ring is than the Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX ring, also pictured above. While the Super Bowl XXXIX ring was known to fans and championship ring enthusiasts as one of the biggest, most blinged out rings ever, the latest Super Bowl ring is substantially larger.

Wally1912, a reader and contributor at – championship ring internet forum, let the forum readers know that the 360 degree video of the championship ring, clearly showed the ring is made of 10K solid white gold (see photo below).

New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Ring

So we’ve covered everything about this ring: We’ve seen the owner’s shanks, the player’s shanks, and how the new championship rings have various diamond configurations based upon the player’s jersey number. We’ve detailed the wood presentation box, the amount and total weight of the diamonds, and now we know the rings are made of 10K white gold.

We also know the rings are bigger than the Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX rings, so it’s confirmed that the new Super Bowl rings are physically, the largest Super Bowl rings ever.

We still don’t know the gram weight of the ring, and there’s a strong probability that these rings are not the heaviest rings ever, since 10K gold is about 10% lighter than 14K gold. This is the first Patriots Super Bowl ring to be made in 10K gold, all others were 14K gold. The heaviest rings ever, are the Packers Super Bowl XLV rings, made of platinum which is even heavier than 14K gold. The Packers championship ring weighs in at 109-110 grams.

The new Patriots championship rings have 205 diamonds that weigh 4.85 carats.   Their iconic Super Bowl XXXIX ring had 111 diamonds and weighted in at 4.94 carats.

Without having seen a real Super Bowl XLIX Patriots ring, or put one on my finger, I can promise you that these rings are super-uncomfortable to wear.   I will never forget the lineman who told me his Super Bowl XXXIX ring was too big to wear and that he preferred their Super Bowl XXXVI ring to slip on his finger.

Someday, hopefully soon, I will acquire the Super Bowl XLIX and if and when I do, I will share the gram weight and any final secrets that are uncovered.

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Alabama Football players receive ’14 SEC Championship rings

June 19, 2015

On Thursday, Alabama’s football players, coaches, and staff, received their newest championship rings from the team’s 2014 SEC Title Game victory. Here it is:

Alabama Football 2014 SEC CHampionship ring

The Crimson Tide played the Missouri Tigers at Atlanta’s Georgia Dome for the SEC championship on December. 6, 2014.

Alabama entered the championship game as the No. 1-ranked team in the country, while Missouri was ranked a distant 16th, nationally.

Alabama jumped out to a 14-0 lead thanks to a one-yard touchdown run from T.J. Yeldon and a 58-yard touchdown pass from Blake Sims to DeAndrew White. Yeldon found the end zone again before the first half ended to give Alabama a commanding 21-3 lead.

The second half was dominated by Derrick Henry, who finished the game with an impressive 141 yards and two scores on 20 rushes. That helped the Crimson Tide defeat the Tigers by the lopsided score – 42-13. That victory earned the Tide their astounding 24th SEC Championship.

On Thursday, the Alabama team was rewarded for their victory with these beautiful conference championship rings.

Congratulations to the Alabama football team on their title and beautiful new championship rings!

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Brandon Spikes’ Agent: Patriots AFC Championship Ring Was Stolen and Placed on eBay

June 18, 2015

Did Spikes really have his 2011 Championship ring stolen or did he sell it?

2011 AFC Championship Ring

Things are not going so well for Brandon Spikes lately.   He isn’t on the best terms with the New England Patriots these days after the team released him last week.   And, Spikes is under police investigation after they found his Mercedes Mayback automobile, abandoned in a median near Foxborough Mass.

Although he was abruptly released by the team, he doesn’t hate his former employer THAT much. That’s the message, Spikes’ agent, Gary Uberstine gave.

A day after Brandon Spikes’ 2011 AFC Championship Ring surfaced on eBay, Uberstine told the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe, that Spikes’ ring was stolen before it was listed on the online auction site.

The championship ring disappeared from the auction site recently and supposedly the championship ring sold Tuesday for $19,499. Personally, I’m suspicious that the ring sold, given the huge asking price. Losing Super Bowl rings just don’t sell for that amount of money.

Uberstine confirmed that eBay has been notified of the scam and that Spikes will file a police report.

Filing a police report after your championship ring is sold is never a good thing, often making the claim of a stolen ring not provable.

Speaking of police reports, Spikes is in his own bit of legal trouble because of his abandoned automobile.   The 27-year-old was charged with four motor vehicle offenses last Friday but has yet to appear in court.

Spikes also received the Patriots latest Super Bowl ring, presented on Sunday.

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