June 30, 2015

You would think it would be relatively easy to compare championship ring sizes.   We’ll it’s not easy at all.

super bowl rings

See the two super bowl rings shown above in this recent photograph that was on twitter?

The two championship rings look to be relatively around the same size.

The ring on the left, the Patriots Super Bowl XLIX ring, is more then twice the size of the ring on the right – the Cowboys 1971 Super Bowl VI ring.

As I’ve demonstrated many times on this championship ring blog, the total weight of a ring, is not always an accurate determination of how large a ring is. There are a few reasons for this:

  • 14K solid gold weighs approximately 10% more than 10k solid gold.

  • 18K gold weighs even more than 14K and Platinum championship rings, such as The Packers Super Bowl XLV ring, weigh even more than 18K gold.

  • Non gold rings weigh less than 10K gold and because they are made of inexpensive metals, can easily get as large as any super bowl ring and often do.

    The photo above is a perfect example of how cutting and pasting championship rings together can be misleading; as the Cowboys Super Bowl ring above looks bigger than the Patriots ring.

    As someone who has taken hundreds of pictures of championship rings, the camera does lie!   Slight changes in depth can make rings appear to change size quite a bit due to the lack of depth in photographs.   Maybe in the future, 3d pictures will help solve this issue.

    A third issue with comparing championship ring sizes is that the manufacturer can hollow-out rings to make them appear bigger. Here are some examples:

  • The Ravens Super Bowl XLVII ring from 2012 is a huge, magnificent ring. Physically, it’s one of the largest super bowl rings ever, yet, because of it’s 10K gold content, and perhaps because it was hollowed out, it weighs only 88 grams.

  • The Giants Super Bowl XLVI ring from 2011 is physically a lot smaller than the Ravens ring, yet, being made of 14K gold, and perhaps more solid, tips the scales at around 92 grams.

    The only way to really know the differences between ring sizes is to carefully take photographs and make sure the rings are the same distance from the camera lens.

    Here’s a great example where you can really compare the size of the Patriots ring to a recent Super Bowl ring – the Saints Super Bowl XLIV ring from 2009:
    super bowl rings

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