June 24, 2015

With absolutely zero fanfare and media coverage, here’s what the Seahawks 2014 NFC Championship ring looks like:

Seattle Seahawks 2014 NFC Championship ring

This photo appeared on Twitter yesterday and shows the newest NFC Championship ring.

The team that looses the Super Bowl is awarded an NFC or AFC championship ring, while the winning team of the big game, gets a larger and more blinged-out Super Bowl ring.

With no details to be found anywhere on the internet, we can surmise that the ring was made by Tiffany and Company. We know this because the picture of the wood championship ring box, is clearly Tiffany’s standard presentation box offering.

While the Tiffany presentation box is usually made in wood and then stained, the Seahawks 2013 Super Bowl ring box was painted in Seattle’s team color, and so is the new box.

We don’t know the size of the Seahawks championship ring, and we don’t know the gold content or how much it weighs.

Hopefully I will find those details out shortly and pass them along (with hopefully better photographs) to readers of this championship ring blog.

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