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Championship Ring Sizes Are Difficult To Compare

June 30, 2015

You would think it would be relatively easy to compare championship ring sizes.   We’ll it’s not easy at all.

super bowl rings

See the two super bowl rings shown above in this recent photograph that was on twitter?

The two championship rings look to be relatively around the same size.

The ring on the left, the Patriots Super Bowl XLIX ring, is more then twice the size of the ring on the right – the Cowboys 1971 Super Bowl VI ring.

As I’ve demonstrated many times on this championship ring blog, the total weight of a ring, is not always an accurate determination of how large a ring is. There are a few reasons for this:

  • 14K solid gold weighs approximately 10% more than 10k solid gold.

  • 18K gold weighs even more than 14K and Platinum championship rings, such as The Packers Super Bowl XLV ring, weigh even more than 18K gold.

  • Non gold rings weigh less than 10K gold and because they are made of inexpensive metals, can easily get as large as any super bowl ring and often do.

    The photo above is a perfect example of how cutting and pasting championship rings together can be misleading; as the Cowboys Super Bowl ring above looks bigger than the Patriots ring.

    As someone who has taken hundreds of pictures of championship rings, the camera does lie!   Slight changes in depth can make rings appear to change size quite a bit due to the lack of depth in photographs.   Maybe in the future, 3d pictures will help solve this issue.

    A third issue with comparing championship ring sizes is that the manufacturer can hollow-out rings to make them appear bigger. Here are some examples:

  • The Ravens Super Bowl XLVII ring from 2012 is a huge, magnificent ring. Physically, it’s one of the largest super bowl rings ever, yet, because of it’s 10K gold content, and perhaps because it was hollowed out, it weighs only 88 grams.

  • The Giants Super Bowl XLVI ring from 2011 is physically a lot smaller than the Ravens ring, yet, being made of 14K gold, and perhaps more solid, tips the scales at around 92 grams.

    The only way to really know the differences between ring sizes is to carefully take photographs and make sure the rings are the same distance from the camera lens.

    Here’s a great example where you can really compare the size of the Patriots ring to a recent Super Bowl ring – the Saints Super Bowl XLIV ring from 2009:
    super bowl rings

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  • New 1983 Raider Super Bowl Ring Coming to the Hobby

    June 29, 2015

    The last couple of years have seen a lot of 1983 Raider Super Bowl rings sell in the hobby.   Is this new championship ring a good investment?

    Raiders Super Bowl XVIII ring

    Most championship ring collectors I know love to buy rings, but are almost always mindful of the high purchase prices and how the future market will affect pricing if they decide to sell the ring down the road.

    For some inexplicable reason, many more Los Angeles Super Bowl XVIII rings have come to market and sold recently than the Raider’s two previous Super Bowl rings from 1976 and 1980.   I have no explanation for this, but keep in mind that the Raiders awarded about the same number of championship rings during their three title seasons, so you would think there would be much more balance between the versions that come to the market.

    As you would expect, looking at the prices realized at auction over the last two years, prices have been going down for the 1983 Super Bowl ring. The reason is quite simple: Supply and Demand.

    As more collectors, looking to purchase this ring acquire it, less championship ring collectors are willing to pay “any price” to acquire the Super Bowl XVIII ring.

    A player Super Bowl XVIII ring sold at auction in February for a very reasonable price of $26,620.00. Then another player ring sold at auction for $21,330.00. That ring, had a controversy – there were no markings inside in the ring, however, the player clarified that the ring was authentic and given to him by the Raiders.

    The latest ring coming up in SCP auctions is a “Doctor’s ring”, not a player ring, so look for the final price to be lower; maybe significantly lower, as collectors would much rather have a player’s ring.

    This is not a dig or insult to SCP auctions, the lower price would happen to any auction house, as about 6 or 7 of these Super Bowl XVIII rings have sold in the last year or two.

    If you are looking to purchase a super bowl ring, this could be a very good deal.

    Please let me know if you want to sell your championship ring to me, I pay top dollar.

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    What would you pay for Satchel Paige’s Hall of Fame ring?

    June 26, 2015

    Satchel Paige’s, Hall of Fame championship ring is coming to auction. The historic ring is a key item of the July 17, Lelands’ auction.

    (Click picture below for a larger picture)

    Picture of Satchel Paige Hall of Fame ring

    The starting bid for the Hall of Fame ring is $25,000.

    Paige was awarded the championship ring when he became the first player from the Negro Leagues to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1971. Paige reached Major League Baseball in 1948; only a year behind Jackie Robinson, but by that time he was 42 years old.   Still a great pitcher at that age, he was selected for two All-Star Games.

    Paige’s ability during his many years in the Negro leagues are legendary and are backed up by testimonials from Major Leaguers who played against Paige on barnstorming tours. Joe DiMaggio called Paige “the best I’ve ever faced, and the fastest.” Dizzy Dean said: “My fastball looks like a change of pace alongside that pistol bullet ol’ Satch shoots up to the plate. If Satch and me were pitching on the same team, we’d clinch the pennant by the Fourth of July and go fishing until World Series time.”

    For championship ring collectors, here’s a fascinating fact about this ring: At one time, Paige headlined a barnstorming team that played against a team with Bob Feller. It was through Feller that Lelands got this historic ring.   Lelands reported the championship ring was part of a collection of Satchel Paige memorabilia obtained by Feller and an associate in the 1980s.

    “The story we were told by the Feller group was that it was lost to a friend of Satchel’s,” said a Lelands press release on the ring.

    Here’s a lesson why championship ring collectors have to be so careful when shelling out big bucks for rings: Lelands said another Hall of Fame ring was recently auctioned by the Paige family for $259,642.   That ring is thought to be the replacement, but no one is exactly sure.   “Based on the level of wear and the source, this is likely the first one Paige was given,” Lelands said of the ring being auctioned in July.

    Does two Satchel Paige Hall of Fame rings hurt the value of each championship ring?

    Time will tell.

    Please remember, I buy championship rings, so if you have one you would like to sell, please reach out to me.

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    The New York Yankees Monument Park Championship Rings

    June 25, 2015

    Before last week, I had no idea these Championship Rings existed:

    Yankee Monument Park Ring
    Yankee Championship Ring for Monument Park

    A couple of days ago I wrote a blog about how George Steinbrenner’s World Series ring exhibit was removed from the Yankee Stadium museum.

    This is not unusual, many of the exhibits run for a year or two and then get replaced with something new. The rotations keep fans coming back and offers new items to peak their interests.

    The Yankees understand the fans appetite for championship rings – having had owner George Steinbrenner’s rings on display and they still showcase a complete run of Yankee World Series rings on display.

    Taking over the space that George’s World Series rings occupied, are artifacts from Joe Torre’s Yankee coaching career. Torre, as manager, won four World Series titles with the Yankees; and also had two additional World Series losses.

    The championship ring shown above was awarded to Joe Torre upon his entry into Monument Park.

    Yankee Stadium Monument Park

    Monument Park is an open-air museum located at Yankee Stadium. It contains a collection of monuments and smaller plaques, and retired numbers honoring legendary members of the New York Yankees.

    Fans who stand in line, can visit the park, located between the two bullpens, beyond the outfield before each Yankee home game.

    I attended “Old Timers” game last weekend and got to see two beloved Yankees gain entry into Monument Park – Willie Randolph and Mel Stottlemyre. Each player received a replica of their new plaque and a Balfour, Monument Park championship ring.

    The two championship rings are styled just like Joe Torre’s ring – with their jersey number appearing on top and made with diamonds.

    Please remember, I purchase championship rings all the ring. If you are looking to sell your championship ring, please contact me.

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    The New Seattle Seahawks NFC Championship Ring Debuts (Sort of)

    June 24, 2015

    With absolutely zero fanfare and media coverage, here’s what the Seahawks 2014 NFC Championship ring looks like:

    Seattle Seahawks 2014 NFC Championship ring

    This photo appeared on Twitter yesterday and shows the newest NFC Championship ring.

    The team that looses the Super Bowl is awarded an NFC or AFC championship ring, while the winning team of the big game, gets a larger and more blinged-out Super Bowl ring.

    With no details to be found anywhere on the internet, we can surmise that the ring was made by Tiffany and Company. We know this because the picture of the wood championship ring box, is clearly Tiffany’s standard presentation box offering.

    While the Tiffany presentation box is usually made in wood and then stained, the Seahawks 2013 Super Bowl ring box was painted in Seattle’s team color, and so is the new box.

    We don’t know the size of the Seahawks championship ring, and we don’t know the gold content or how much it weighs.

    Hopefully I will find those details out shortly and pass them along (with hopefully better photographs) to readers of this championship ring blog.

    Please remember, I buy championship rings so if you have one to sell, please contact me today!

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