May 28, 2015

Coach Dooley nearly gave up hope of seeing this Auburn 1957 Southeastern Conference and National Championship ring ever again:

1957 Auburn National Championship Ring

The championship ring was one of several items stolen from his home in 2011, according to the legendary Georgia head coach.

“I just didn’t think it was ever going to show up,” he said.

Well it did turn up, last week in fact, at a Pawn Shop.

The championship ring stood out to officer Gene Davis, who investigated the theft in 2011.

According to a police report, Gloria Wright, sold the stolen championship ring for $400 to the pawn shop. Officer Davis was alerted of the sale on the website Leads Online, an Internet-based system that helps police identify and recover stolen property.

“I take my hat off to the detective, Gene, who stayed on that for me for years,” Dooley said.

Dooley was an assistant on that undefeated 1957 team, which was named National Champions by the Associated Press even though they did not play a bowl game due to probation.

Auburn finished the season 10-0, including a close win over Georgia (6-0) and a blowout of Alabama (40-0).

The 1957 Auburn National Championship ring shown above, has an “A” and a diamond in the center, surrounded by, “National Football Champions 1957.”

The inscription “V.J.D” — Dooley’s initials — helped to confirm to police that this was in fact Dooley’s missing championship ring.

Lorey Reeves, the owner of the Athens Pawn Shop that purchased the stolen ring, told police she wished to prosecute for theft by deception.

There’s still a couple of championship rings missing, including at least two from Southeastern Conference Championship winning seasons, but Dooley said he was relieved about recovering the one he won nearly six decades ago.

“It was a real surprise because I didn’t think it was ever going to show up,” Dooley said. “I wish we could locate the couple others. I guess I’ve been inspired there’s a possibility.”

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