May 27, 2015

NFL Line Coach, John Teerlink recently shared a photo of four of his championship rings, including three Super Bowl rings:

Super Bowl rings

In the photograph, from left to right, we have:

The Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl XLI ring from 2006. The ring is made of solid white 14K gold and was manufactured by Herff Jones. This is the only winning Super Bowl ring that Herff Jones has made. They are a local Indianapolis championship ring manufacturer, so being in the same city as the Colts was probably a big plus in getting chosen for this honor.

The ring is a hefty 68 – 70 grams and is loaded with a tremendous amount of diamonds.

The Next ring shown is the Colts 2009 AFC championship ring. The Colts lost to the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV so they were awarded this ring. Although in the picture, the championship ring looks to be about the same size as the Colts Super Bowl winning ring, it’s not. The AFC championship ring weighs 56 grams and the diamonds are smaller and there are less of them. This ring too, was made by local company, Herff Jones.

The Third ring from the left is the Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXII ring. Although the top is gorgeous and a well-designed Super Bowl ring top, in my opinion, the sides of the rings were made of poor quality and quite amateurish in appearance.

These championship rings were made by Diamond Cutters International, a smaller company when compared to Tiffany, Jostens and Balfour.

The ring weighs around 64 grams and is made in 14K solid yellow gold.

The ring on the right is the Broncos Super Bowl XXXIII from the 1998 season. It boasts another gorgeous top and the two horse heads represent the team’s two Super Bowl titles. This time the Broncos chose championship ring manufacturer Jostens and the sides of the rings were much improved.

This ring weighs around 71 grams and is one of my favorite all time championship rings.

Coach Teerlink may have spent most of his time on the defensive side of these two teams, but boy did he have two amazing talented quarterbacks on those teams!

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