May 12, 2015

Yogi turns 90 years old today, and MLB is presenting him with 10 Yankee World Series Rings to replace those that were stolen from his museum.

Yogi Berra World Series Rings

Not only is MLB replacing his 10 Yankee World Series rings, they are also presenting a complete run of all 27 Yankees championship rings and Yogi’s three MVP awards. (I’m not sure how they can do this, it’s probably poor research on the news bureau that reported this story first, as the Yankees never made a 1923 World Series ring).

Also, Yogi will get replacement World Series rings of his Mets 1969 World Championship ring (coach) and 1973 NL Pennant ring (manager).

When Yogi’s museum was robbed last year, sadly, all of his rings were stolen, as well as his MVP awards.

While the FBI remains on the case, no one has been caught and the items have not turned up.

A petition is gaining momentum to award Yogi Berra the prestigious, Presidential Medal of Freedom. It’s about the only hardware he hasn’t won.

Please remember, I want to buy your championship ring, so let me know if you are thinking of selling.

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