May 7, 2015

I wonder if the legendary coach will be selling any of his NFC championship rings?   I only need the ring shown below to complete my Vikings championship ring collection:

Viking 1976 NFC Championship Ring

The Bud Grant garage sale has become an annual event in the suburbs of Minnesota.

Last year’s garage sale, located at Bud Grant’s home, featured more of his hunting and fishing gear than rare football artifacts, though there were a few treasured pieces for sale. Some of his football possessions included his Hudson Bay jacket from his time in Winnipeg (the team is part of the Canadian Football league). It sold for $345, and his Ring of Honor sign from the Metrodome fetched $2,100 in a silent auction.   When was the last time you saw a silent auction at a garage sale?

However, the main attraction always turns out to be Grant himself, who spends the better part of three days signing autographs and trading stories with fans who wait in line for as long as one to two hours just to meet him.

The story of the upcoming garage sale has me wondering if he would take offers for any or all of his four NFC Championship rings?

I’m lucky to have acquired three of the four Viking NFC championship rings. I really want the fourth and final one for my collection. The one championship ring I need is from 1976, the team’s fourth and final appearance in the Super Bowl.

I am not sure if Jostens or Balfour made the NFC championship ring since the only one that has ever sold at auction did not list the manufacturer.

As I always note in my championship ring blog, I want to buy championship rings so if you are thinking of selling a ring, please let me know.

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