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The Championship Rings of Thomas McGaughey

May 29, 2015

Thomas McGaughey Shows Off His Assortment of Gorgeous Championship Rings:

Super Bowl and Championship Rings

McGaughey seems to have coached everywhere – and that’s a good thing.   He’s done a great job wherever he’s landed and has some beautiful championship rings to show for his tireless efforts.

McGaughey served as the assistant special teams coordinator with the New York Giants from 2007 – 2010. During this time, the Giants special teams excelled.

Later on, McGaughey had a big impact in his first two years with the LSU Tigers. His coaching on special teams was highly rated and he helped LSU get to the BCS national title game in 2011.

McGaughey also worked in NFL-Europe earning one World Bowl title in 1997. That championship ring is shown above.

Last season, McGaughey coached with the New York Jets, and this upcoming season will be coaching with the 49ers.

As you can see in the photo above, his Super Bowl XLII ring, is spectacular and so are his numerous other championship rings.

Congratulations to Thomas McGaughey, a rising star in the coaching ranks. I hope he receives a lot more championship rings in the future.

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Vince Dooley’s Stolen 1957 National Championship Ring Recovered By Police

May 28, 2015

Coach Dooley nearly gave up hope of seeing this Auburn 1957 Southeastern Conference and National Championship ring ever again:

1957 Auburn National Championship Ring

The championship ring was one of several items stolen from his home in 2011, according to the legendary Georgia head coach.

“I just didn’t think it was ever going to show up,” he said.

Well it did turn up, last week in fact, at a Pawn Shop.

The championship ring stood out to officer Gene Davis, who investigated the theft in 2011.

According to a police report, Gloria Wright, sold the stolen championship ring for $400 to the pawn shop. Officer Davis was alerted of the sale on the website Leads Online, an Internet-based system that helps police identify and recover stolen property.

“I take my hat off to the detective, Gene, who stayed on that for me for years,” Dooley said.

Dooley was an assistant on that undefeated 1957 team, which was named National Champions by the Associated Press even though they did not play a bowl game due to probation.

Auburn finished the season 10-0, including a close win over Georgia (6-0) and a blowout of Alabama (40-0).

The 1957 Auburn National Championship ring shown above, has an “A” and a diamond in the center, surrounded by, “National Football Champions 1957.”

The inscription “V.J.D” — Dooley’s initials — helped to confirm to police that this was in fact Dooley’s missing championship ring.

Lorey Reeves, the owner of the Athens Pawn Shop that purchased the stolen ring, told police she wished to prosecute for theft by deception.

There’s still a couple of championship rings missing, including at least two from Southeastern Conference Championship winning seasons, but Dooley said he was relieved about recovering the one he won nearly six decades ago.

“It was a real surprise because I didn’t think it was ever going to show up,” Dooley said. “I wish we could locate the couple others. I guess I’ve been inspired there’s a possibility.”

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Defensive Line Coach’s Great Super Bowl Ring Collection

May 27, 2015

NFL Line Coach, John Teerlink recently shared a photo of four of his championship rings, including three Super Bowl rings:

Super Bowl rings

In the photograph, from left to right, we have:

The Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl XLI ring from 2006. The ring is made of solid white 14K gold and was manufactured by Herff Jones. This is the only winning Super Bowl ring that Herff Jones has made. They are a local Indianapolis championship ring manufacturer, so being in the same city as the Colts was probably a big plus in getting chosen for this honor.

The ring is a hefty 68 – 70 grams and is loaded with a tremendous amount of diamonds.

The Next ring shown is the Colts 2009 AFC championship ring. The Colts lost to the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV so they were awarded this ring. Although in the picture, the championship ring looks to be about the same size as the Colts Super Bowl winning ring, it’s not. The AFC championship ring weighs 56 grams and the diamonds are smaller and there are less of them. This ring too, was made by local company, Herff Jones.

The Third ring from the left is the Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXII ring. Although the top is gorgeous and a well-designed Super Bowl ring top, in my opinion, the sides of the rings were made of poor quality and quite amateurish in appearance.

These championship rings were made by Diamond Cutters International, a smaller company when compared to Tiffany, Jostens and Balfour.

The ring weighs around 64 grams and is made in 14K solid yellow gold.

The ring on the right is the Broncos Super Bowl XXXIII from the 1998 season. It boasts another gorgeous top and the two horse heads represent the team’s two Super Bowl titles. This time the Broncos chose championship ring manufacturer Jostens and the sides of the rings were much improved.

This ring weighs around 71 grams and is one of my favorite all time championship rings.

Coach Teerlink may have spent most of his time on the defensive side of these two teams, but boy did he have two amazing talented quarterbacks on those teams!

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The Championship Rings From Super Bowl XXII

May 26, 2015

Continuing the blog columns about specific pairs of championship rings from every one of the Super Bowls, here’s the next historic pair: an in-depth view of the two championship rings from Super Bowl XXII.

Super Bowl XXII Rings

I need to apologize that the championship ring picture contains my web-site address. It’s not done for self promotion. If I didn’t include the graphic, other web sites would “lift” my images, especially the sellers on ebay, who appear out of nowhere and offer the cheap replicas originating in China. Collectors often wonder why the real ring companies such as Jostens, Balfour, and Tiffany allow this? No one seems to know why these offerings continue.

The fakes and replicas don’t look as good as authentic championship rings, and the quality varies from vendor to vendor. These “sellers” display photos of real championship rings and then have the balls to claim that the pictures are of their own replica championship rings!

Almost every image in my superbowl ring series is photographed from my personal championship ring collection. As readers of this website have learned, these rings are extremely rare and just a small portion of championship rings turn up in the hobby. That means they are seldom (or often never) photographed in pairs from the specific Super Bowl games that I’m blogging about.

When I do post pictures that are found on the internet, or from auction houses, I won’t place my web-site address in the image.

The ring on the left is the Washington Redskins Super Bowl Ring from their 1987 season.   This is the first Super Bowl ring Tiffany and Company designed and produced for an NFL championship team.

This championship ring is one of my least favorite Super Bowl rings ever produced. Small diamonds make up the two Lombardi trophies and the result is very sloppy. The two Lombardi trophies represent the Redskins two Super Bowl titles.

Adding to the yuck factor, the red stones on the top of the ring are surrounded by large gold prongs that are too large. The visual combination of red and yellow giant prongs creates too much mish mosh and ruins the elegance and beauty of the championship ring.

The shanks (sides of the rings) are unusual in their design. I like the style and think they are great, but perhaps other championship ring enthusiasts and collectors have a different opinion about the shanks.

The ring was made in 10K solid yellow gold and weighs 50 grams. The only player ring that I know of, that sold at auction, was in 2009 for $27,454.93.

Tiffany made very few Super Bowl rings in the 80s and 90s, but started to become much more involved in making Championship rings in the last 15 years. The quality of their designs have improved dramatically since the debut of this ring.

In a tradition that continues to this day, the team that loses the Super Bowl is recognized as a champion of their respective conference. The Denver Broncos 1987 AFC championship ring, shown above, weighed in at 40 grams. It contains 16 diamonds.

The Broncos AFC championship rings were designed by Jostens in 10K yellow gold.

A few player rings have sold at auction, generally in the $5,000 – $7,000 price range.

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Introducing The Rutgers Football Championship Ring

May 22, 2015

The championship ring was recently presented to the team for winning the Quick Lane Bowl

Rutgers Bowl Championship Ring

For the first time in head-coach Kyle Flood’s Rutgers career, the team has been awarded a beautiful bowl championship ring.

The non gold, non diamond, Quick Lane Bowl championship rings have arrived, and were awarded to the Scarlet Knights’ prize for defeating North Carolina last December. The championship rings feature the “R” prominently set in between the words Quick Lane Bowl and Champions.

This is not the first recognition the Scarlet Knights football team received after their 8-5 season.

In January of this year, Rutgers was recognized as the top Division I-A football program in the East Region by the Eastern College Athletic Conference. As a result of this honor, coach Flood was awarded the prestegious Lambert-Meadowlands Trophy during the ECAC football awards banquet, held at Met Life Stadium on February 20.

Additionally, this week, Rutgers was one of only 14 Division 1 FBS programs recognized by the NCAA for compiling an Academic Progress Report (APR) in the top 10 percent nationally. Amazingly, this is the eighth straight year that the Scarlet Knights earned the national citation. This is the longest continuous streak for any top-level state university in the country.

Congratulations to Rutgers on their beautiful new championship rings and to their achievements on and off the football field!

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