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The Mickey Mantle Career Championship Ring

April 30, 2015

This was the first career ring made by a prominent championship ring company.   Designed for Mantle fans and championship ring collectors, pardon the pun – it was a big hit.

(Click picture below for a larger picture)

Picture of Mickey Mantle Career Championship Ring

The Mickey Mantle championship ring was fully authorized and licensed by the Mantle family and was designed and made by Balfour shortly after his death.

Balfour has been designing every single Yankee championship ring for decades.

The solid yellow gold 10K ring contained 6 real diamonds, although in my opinion, they should have figured out how to manufacture the championship ring with 7 diamonds – Mickey’s uniform number. Originally the ring was to be produced in a quantity of 536 pieces, matching Mantle’s total home run tally. Due to supposed financial reasons, or perhaps lack of initial interest, only 350 were produced.

Although it has been stated that 350 pieces were made, I believe a lot less were produced because every single ring contained a unique serial number and I have never seen a number higher than 153.

As you can see in the photo above, the championship ring contains a prominent “7″ on the top, along with his name and first and last seasons playing for the Yankees. One side, has his most impressive accomplishments and the other, pays homage to Yankee stadium, a facsimile of his autograph, and the date he retired.

The ring came in a small wooden box with another facsimile autograph. The small wooden presentation box is the same style and size as the Yankees 1996 World Series ring box. This is a strong clue that the Mantle career championship ring was produced around this time period.

With less than 200 of these rings in existence, they come up for auction occasionally and sell in the $3,000 price range.

I would advise against wearing this gorgeous ring – the statistics on the baseball bats would wear down fairly quickly, since they protrude a lot from the ring.

Please remember that I love to buy championship rings. So if you have a championship ring that you would like to sell, please let me know as soon as possible.

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Should Championship Ring Collectors Buy High School Rings?

April 29, 2015

That question, only 10 years ago, would seem crazy. But look how High School Championship Rings have evolved:

Championship Rings

The Mallard Creek Football team, from Charlotte North Carolina, won their 2014 State Championship.

They recently received their gorgeous championship rings as shown above.

High School and College athletes are not allowed to receive championship rings made of real gold and real diamonds. That puts the value of these championship rings (from a jewelry perspective) at about $100.00.

There’s no doubt that the value   of these championship rings to the athletes and coaches are priceless;   and this blog-story is in no way trying to be demean their great accomplishments or the individual value of the ring to the recipients.

From a championship ring collecting point of view, I believe you will see more collectors go after High School rings. And why not, they can be acquired for around $150 and look as stunning as College Championship rings.

Just like those college championship rings, they are huge, gorgeous, and their shanks and insides are now as interesting as major college and professional championship rings.

Congratulations to the Mallard Creek Football Team!

Hey, remember, I buy championship rings, so if you are thinking of selling your championship ring, let’s talk!

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The Championship Rings From Super Bowl XIX

April 28, 2015

Continuing the hit blog series on the pair of championship rings from every single Super Bowl, here’s the next exceptional pair: an in-depth look at the two championship rings from Super Bowl XIX.

Super Bowl XIX rings

I need to sincerely apologize that the championship ring picture contains my web-site address. The thinking behind this is that If I didn’t include it in the picture, other web sites would “borrow” my photos, especially those eBay sellers who come-and-go all the time and make the inexpensive replicas in China. (Why does Jostens and Tiffany allow this???) The fakes and replicas don’t look anywhere as realistic as authentic championship rings. These “sellers” show pictures of authentic championship rings and then have the nerve to claim that the pictures are of their replica championship rings!

Almost every picture I post in this blog superbowl ring series is photographed from my personal championship ring collection. These rings are extremely rare and very few land in the hobby-place. That means they are seldom (or perhaps never) photographed in pairs from the specific Super Bowl games. Please forgive my attempt to keep these photos from being misused. When I do post images that are found on the internet, I won’t place my web-site address in the image.

The ring on the left is the San Francisco Forty Niners winning Super Bowl Ring from their 1984 season. This ring contains some major bling – two very large marquise diamonds (football shaped) make up each Lombardi trophy and adorn the top of the ring. The two Lombardi trophies are surrounded by many smaller diamonds.

The 49ers Super Bowl XIX ring show above, was designed and manufactured by Jostens in 10K solid yellow gold. The ring weighs in at approximately 44 grams.

Like so many other winning Super Bowl rings, the Forty Niners Super Bowl XIX ring is extremely rare and in high demand by 49er fans and highly coveted by championship ring collectors. I only know of one player championship ring that has sold at auction – going for $34,190.00. I know of a couple that sold privately.

In a tradition that continues to this day, the team that loses the Super Bowl is recognized as a champion of their respective conference. The Miami Dolphin AFC championship ring shown above weighed in at 43 grams and contains five small diamonds – representing the team’s five super bowl appearances.

I’m not sure why the Dolphins used the gold metal background on top of the ring, opting not to do their usual team-colored aqua onyx stone.

Also of interest is that the Dolphins 1984 AFC championship ring started the run of 13 consecutive years where NFC teams won the super bowl. This means that this blog will be showcasing 13 consecutive NFC Super Bowl champion rings and 13 consecutive AFC championship rings.

Two player 1984 AFC championship rings have sold at auction for $8,962 and $7,812.

The Dolphins rings were designed and produced by Jostens in 10K yellow gold.

Please know that I buy super bowl rings and buy championship rings too, so reach out and contact me if you have a championship ring you want to sell.

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Bill Belichick and His Super Bowl Rings Visit The White House

April 27, 2015

Whether you love him or hate him, Belichick will go down as one of the greatest coaches in NFL history.

New England Patriot Super Bowl Rings

Seldom seen wearing his three huge Super Bowl rings (soon a fourth championship ring will be awarded), they stood out when Belichick and the team were invited to meet the President at the White House.

The New England Patriots head coach, wearing those magnificent super bowl rings, further stood out during the ceremony on the South Lawn to honor the franchise’s fourth title, with his reaction to a classic one-liner from President Obama.

Belichick might be the first coach and hopefully the only one, to provide a thumbs down gesture to the commander in chief.

President Obama struck a nerve when he alluded to the unresolved Deflategate controversy that infuriated the Patriots and tarnished the days leading to their Super Bowl XLIX victory. Will it tarnish the image of this championship or Super Bowl ring?   Only time will tell.

“I usually tell a bunch of jokes at these events,” Obama said, “but with the Patriots in town, I was worried that 11 out of 12 of them would fall flat.”

The President then added, “That whole story got blown out of proportion.”

When the President turned to see Belichick’s response, the coach grinned and flashed a thumb’s down.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, even the upcoming Patriots fourth Super Bowl ring. If you are looking to sell your championship ring, give me a shout.

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San Francisco Giants To Raffle a 2014 World Series Ring

April 25, 2015

One lucky fan will win a player-sized, diamond studded 2014 World Series Ring, just like this one:

2014 World Series Ring

The San Francisco Giants are raffling off one player-size championship ring. The proceeds from the raffle will go to charity.

The ring will be made with the raffle-winner’s name on the shank. The World Series ring will be designed and crafted by Tiffany & Co, and be the same size, weight, and gold content as the player rings. One side of the huge championship ring features the Giants’ three latest World Series trophies and the other side contains an image of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Raffle tickets are available on the team’s website and cost $10. The deadline to purchase raffle tickets is 8:59pm PT on June 21, 2015. The raffle winner will be announced during the team’s television broadcast on June 23.

The proceeds will go to the Giants Community Fund.   The non-for-profit charity helps support programs for underserved youth and their families.

Please remember, I buy championship rings, so if you win this raffle, or wish to sell your championship ring, please get in touch with me.

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