March 20, 2015

Back in October of 2011, ESPN Magazine published the edition shown below.   Why did this multi-billion company use cheap Chinese replica rings instead of real championship rings?

Boston Championship Rings

During the last 15 years, the city of Boston has been on an amazing run.

Both the Patriots and Red Sox been awarded three championship rings each (soon to be four when the Patriots receive their newest super bowl rings).

Besides these seven winning championship rings, the Patriots also received two runner up Super Bowl rings, called AFC championship rings.

Not be left out, the Celtics and Bruins each won a title and were awarded championship rings during this fifteen year Boston run.

ESPN Magazine had the right idea when they published a story on all of these Boston championships, but boy did they blow this magazine cover.

Instead of using real championship rings, which could have resulted in a stunning photograph, ESPN went with cheap Chinese replica rings, found for sale on ebay for less than $100.00 each.

Two of the championship rings, the Red Sox and Bruins offerings are not even close to the authentic championship ring versions that were awarded. The Celtics ring is closer to the authentic version. While it’s squared-shaped in the photo, the authentic 2003 Championship Celtic ring was more of a rectangle and much larger than the cheap knockoff shown.

Finally, the only ring that looks right is the Patriots ring. However, it too is a cheap knockoff and the design turns out to be completely wrong. ESPN should have included a Super Bowl ring. Instead, they went with a bizarre ring that is a copy of the AFC championship ring from 2007 when the Giants stunned the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

What makes the Pats ring so awful is that it contains the words “World Champions” and “04″.   If this ring was supposed to be a version of the Super Bowl XXXIX ring, we all know how huge that ring was and what it looked like.   If you are unfamiliar with the Super Bowl XXXIX ring, you can search for that ring using the search tools on the right side of this blog.

ESPN really blew this magazine photo. Had it been done correctly with the real rings, the picture would have been a historic photo and highly sought after by championship ring enthusiasts and fans of the Boston teams.

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