March 19, 2015

The 1927 Yankees team is considered the best baseball team ever, going an amazing 110-44. A photo of a ’27 ring belonging to player Joe Dugan, is shown below:

1927 New York Yankees Ring

The 1927 Yankee World Series ring is the first championship ring awarded to Yankee players. The last championship they won before 1927, culminated in the presentation of solid gold pocket watches (1923).

Industry experts believe if Ruth’s 1927 ring came up to auction it would sell for over $500,000.

I believe it would go for a lot more money than that, as Julius Ervings’s 1974 ABA championship ring sold at auction for $460,741 in 2011.   An honestly, which championship ring would you rather own?

Here’s some more prices realized and information about Ruth’s 1927 ring and those belonging to his teammates:

According to my records, Joe Dugan’s ’27 World Series ring (in amazing condition and shown above) sold in a Leland’s auction in 2002 for $11,205.12.

You can see by the prices below that the market for sports memorabilia and championship rings really started to heat up in the years that followed.

A club house manager’s non player ring, but the same as the players received, sold in a Leland’s auction in 2005 for $21,326.

Miller Huggins’ 1927 championship ring was sold in a Mastro auction for $204,000 in 2007.

Earle Combs ring was sold by Heritage in 2014 for $155,350.   Like the World Series ring shown above, it was in great condition too.

Benny Bengough’s 1927 championship ring, in poor-to-fair condition, was sold in a 2015 auction by Heritage for $38,240.   A couple of people in the hobby who know about championship rings thought the ring sold very low.

Here’s where details get a little foggy…

In researching Yankee rings, I learned that in 1999, Sotheby’s sold what was believed to be   Lou Gehrig’s 1927 ring for $96,000. The World Series ring originated from the famous collection of Barry Halper.

Combining Barry Halper and the words “believed to be….” are not what some collectors want to hear, so I am not sure if the ring was authentic and original.

Barry Halper reportedly owed Ruth’s 1927 ring. That ring is now owned by Charlie Sheen. I have seen pictures of Sheen wearing the 1927 ring and the condition of the ring looks to be excellent and in unworn condition. An 88 year old ring should not be in unworn condition so it makes we wonder if that’s Babe Ruth’s original World Series ring.

The website, Deadspin   also raised questions about the origins of that ring. Babe Ruth’s granddaughter, Linda Ruth Tosetti, also questioned the ring’s authenticity and whether it was stolen from her family decades ago. (I’m not sure how she can question the authenticity of the ring if she also feels it’s a ring stolen from her family).

A book written by her mother, Dorothy Ruth Pirone, also claimed that Ruth’s World Series rings had mysteriously disappeared at some point after his passing in 1948. Adding to the confusion, were statements made by deceased collecting legend Barry Halper in 1990 that he had purchased Ruth’s 1927 ring directly from Dorothy Ruth Pirone. Pirone’s daughter, Linda, claims that Halper’s story was a “huge lie.”

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