March 16, 2015

The Yankees won 20 World Series Rings from 1923 – 1962, and lost an additional 9 World Series between the years 1921 through 1964. That means there are plenty of winning and losing vintage Yankee rings to collect.

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Yankee World Series Rings

The Yankees didn’t receive an American League championship rings (awarded when a team loses the World Series) until 1942, and there was one World Series (1923) where they were awarded a solid gold pocket watch, not a championship ring.

With the 1927 ring I just acquired from Heritage Auctions, I have assembled nine authentic vintage Yankee championship rings (shown above).

Shown above (starting with the bottom row and left to right) are World Series winning rings: 1927, 1938, 1939, 1949, 1952, 1953 (the “5″). Above those rings are the 1957 AL Championship ring, 1958 World Series winning ring, and the 1964 AL championship ring.

The American League championship rings are easy to distinguish – they have the top-hat designs.

The earlier rings were made by Dieges & Clust and then Balfour took over and made the rest.

I am slowly building my vintage Yankee collection. I reject many possible rings to acquire due to the fact that some rings are out-right fakes. Also, many of the old-time player rings were remade decades later for players who lost original rings. Those player remade versions contain some not-so-subtle differences from the originals.

About a decade ago, Whitey Ford sold many of his rings at auction and many of them were remade and had differences from the originals. These are the rings I avoid.

As far as fakes go, you can thank Irv Lerner for many of the bogus Yankee World Series rings in the market place. Vintage Yankee rings are easy to “fake and make” as these championship rings are relatively simple designs that did not change much over the years. Please search the search-box on the right for additional information about Irv and his fake rings.

I buy championship rings, so if you want to sell your championship ring, please get in touch with me.

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